What I've Been Reading This Week

Hey folks! Another week has gone by - and actually a whole other month. Where does the time go?

Life in Sunny So. Cal is just going along pretty well. My youngest did another poetry recital this past week - again not letting me record her (she really needs to stop that). I think she was less confident about this one. It was about Abraham Lincoln and it was 4 stanza's 4 lines to each stanza - wow. It had words she didn't even know and were hard for her to remember - poverty, slavery, Civil War (she kept saying silva war ;)) but she did well. She said she had to be prompted a little on the last stanza when she was doing it in class - but of the 6 kids who "recited" this week she was the only one who didn't read it so I was pretty damned proud of her.

My oldest is doing well. We've temporarily stopped the tutoring which is sad (husband's job is crazy). She's improved tremendously though and it was well worth the money spent. Hopefully we can get her back in when life settles down a bit. Her big news this week (she wanted to make sure I wrote this) was that she got her bangs cut. lol Isn't that cute? She's crazy. We started growing them out when she was 4 so she doesn't really remember ever having them. She loves them! I think she looks younger with the bangs - she insists she looks older - yay, just what I need. lol

I also went to the Bookstore today for the first time in almost a month (holy cow!) and bought 4 more books. Dear God they're starting to take over my office! lol My hubby just rolled his eyes. Hey - if you don't want me to buy books don't buy me a Borders gift card! :)

So on to what I read this week:

First up was The Commander's Desire by Jennette Green. Jennette randomly befriended me on myspace and I went to check out her page. This is her first published book (from what I can tell) and on a whim I decided to purchase it. I'm so glad I did. This was a great book that takes place in the Middle Ages. A king who is trying to take over another kingdom sends his sister to marry their king. Only the king doesn't want a wife and gives her to his Commander - a huge, scarred man with a bent/broken nose. The problem is the sister is there under false pretenses and is supposed to murder the Commander - which she is willing to do because she hates him for killing her older brother. What happens between the two kingdoms as well as the romance that blooms between the sister and the Commander was well done. I was completely captivated and didn't want to put my ereader down for a moment. I did, but quickly picked it up at the next possible moment. I'm looking forward to any other books Jennette comes out with.

Next I read books 2 and 3 in the Tall, Dark and Dangerous series by Suzanne Brockmann, Forever Blue and Frisco's Kid. I have to say I'm really liking the series. The books are category short so there's not a ton of story there but what is there is great. I particularly liked Forever Blue. I thought the banter and coming together of Blue and Lucy was very sweet.
In Frisco's Kid Frisco is just a pain in the ass and feeling sorry for himself but the way that Mia and Natasha bring him around was pretty cool. This was one book where I didn't mind seeing the hero cry. Oh and I love the cover there to the right. Humina, humina love those arms! :)

Seducing a Scottish Bride by Sue-Ellen Wolfender was my first read by this author. I read this one for The Book Binge so watch for my review over there. I'll try to let you know when it posts.

Life's Breath by Nancy Wald was a novella I also read for TBB so again, keep your eye out for the review.

I started Crate and Peril by J.D. Warren but just couldn't get into the story after 5 chapters. It may have to do with the fact that I felt like I was missing stuff not having read book 1 in this series (which I didn't know existed until I was completely annoyed and looked it up). Has anyone read this series and if so would you recommend reading book 1?

Sweet Release by Pamela Clare was my next read. Nikki had given me this trilogy a while back and I just hadn't picked it up. Silly Tracy. This was a great book. An English shipping magnate who is kidnapped and shipped off to the Colonies under the guise of him being a "defiler and ravisher of women". A woman who is running her father's plantation buys the convict's indentured servitude evne though he's almost dead by the time he gets to America. Will the man who is supposedly a rapist be able to clear his name and can he resist the plantation owners daughter? I loved the characters and the story equally. I read this one pretty quickly as I was so engrossed in the story. I'll definitely be picking up book two sooner rather than later.

Last up was Too Good To Be True by Kristan Higgins. I hadn't decided until this moment to do a review on this book but I feel one coming on. lol Yes, I'm thinking I'll post it Tuesday.

Have you read any of these books and if so what did you think?

Happy reading!


Rosie said...

Crikeys Trace, that's about what I read in a month! WTG, make me feel like a slacker. ;)

The_Book_Queen said...

I just started Seducing a Scottish Bride today. So far, I'm enjoying it. :D

I haven't read the first two of Pamela Clare's, but I have the third one, Ride the Fire, towards the top of my TBR pile right now (Thanks to Barbara's contest last month). Glad that you enjoyed the first one though-- Now I'll have to go back and find the first two!

Tracy said...

Rosie - I love that you said Crikeys. lol And you're not a slacker!

TBQ - The Welfonder was only eh for me. Have you read the rest in that series? Definitely read the first and second books - so good..well at least the first one is. :)

Amy C said...

That sucks that Seducing a Scottish Bride was only eh for you. I have read all her books and I like them :). I know I'll like this one. I don't know, I love how she weaves a little Scottish lore into her books.

Oh, but that first book you read, the Commander's Desire, that one sounds great. I'm looking into that one later!

nath said...

Oooohhh, can't wait to read your review of Too Good To Be True. I wanted to review it, but with new books read... it just took a backseat, sigh.

Sarai said...

Good night woman you are making us look bad with all the reading and re-reading. I didn't read a damn thing. Well let me rephrase that I didn't finish a damn thing but I started 2 books that counts for something right?

Carolyn Jean said...

Wow, that Jeanette Green book sounds wonderful. I just love that plot setup. Maybe I should read it. And what a nice myspace friend you are to read it and let us know all about it!

Stacy~ said...

Geez, I've only read 20 books for the year. I feel like I'm so behind! You've intrigued me with the Pamela Clare book. I've only read one book by her - Surrender - and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Tracy said...

Amy - I'm thinking I might have liked it better (maybe) if I'd read the others, IDK though.

Nath - I think this is what happened with a lot of people. :)

Sarai - of course it counts! :) Really, 2 of the books this week were category length, 1 a novella and 1 a dnf so really, not that many. :)

CJ - it was pretty darned good. I liked it...I think I'm liking books set in the middle ages more and more lately.

Stacy - I have Surrender too but haven't read it. I heard it was good. As soon as I'm done with this trilogy I'll start that one.

Christine said...

I have to agree with Carolyn Jean--the Jeanette Green book sounds great. I want to read it now, too!

And I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on Kristan Higgins' latest release. I picked up Too Good To Be True last month, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I read Catch of the Day last summer and was so pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed Higgins' voice.