What I've Been Reading This Week

Hey there! How are you? I'm totally exhausted from kid school projects, kids having friends over and friggin Chuck E. Cheese. Who invented that place? I need to go beat them up. lol Yes, the kids had fun but damn! Loud, exhausting and expensive!

So, that being said I'm going to do an abbreviated version of my weekly post and not do pictures or links. I know, it's horrible but I just don't have the energy. Sorry. Ok - I posted 1 picture for your enjoyment cuz it was alread on my computer!

First up was Honeymoon Castaways by Dawn Halliday. Cheese with a little wine. lol A couple gets stranded on a deserted island on the way to their honeymoon and the pilot of the plane, the grooms best friend, is also obviously stranded. Menage follows. Not a bad book but I just can't see it happening in a million years. Maybe I live in a cave. Not sure. Novella

Next was The Wolf's Sister by R.F. Long. Also a novella (I read a lot of those this week) about a princess running from her psycho brother and the warrior she runs into. This was great. I read this on Amy C.'s recommendation and I'm looking forward to reading more of Long's work.
Then I read A Toy For Two by Jennifer Cole for The Book Binge. Another novella - I'll let you know when my review posts. (It was apparently menage week at my house...for books - get your minds out of the gutter!)

On Lori's rec I read What Mattered Most by Linda Winfree. This was a book about a man who was living with his pregnant girlfriend but believed he was in love with his ex-partner (he's a cop). Wow - what an emotional rollercoaster. Good story but I felt at some points that the antagonism that the heroine had for the hero was going on a little too long.

Next was Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh. Loved it. It was fabulous. See review below. I loved all the characters in this book - the vamps, the humans and the angels. She's just hands down one of my favorite authors.

Next novella was Sweet Dreams by Jenny Penn. This was an odd little story but not bad. This is book 1 in The Cowboys' Curse. The oldest brother in a family of 6 boys sleeps around on his girlfriend. The girlfriends sister puts a curse on the brothers. Apparently the books will go on where the curse will be handed down, or really up in this case, so that all the bros. get it. This story was the story of the youngest brothers, twins, Shawn and Trent. Trent is a complete ass and needs no woman according to him. Shawn's slightly better but not a ton. They get cursed and need to have their soul mate fall in love with them in order to break it. It was a funny/strange story but it did have it's good parts. (again, menage) There was one scene toward the end that pissed me off to no end and the book didn't really have a actual conclusion which kind of sucked - but I'll probably still see what the next has to offer.

The Devil Wears Tartan by Karen Ranney I read for The Book Binge. I'll let you know when the review posts.

And last but not least...Secrets of A Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas. I did it. I've been saying that I would start the Wallflower series for I don't know how long and I finally did it. And it was wonderful which I knew it would be. I loved this book. I liked Annabelle and Simon and *sigh* it was great. The ankle boots - omg. And the chess game. Such simple parts of the book but so significant in the long run. Makes my heart go all squishy. lol I'll be reading book 2 soon.

Ok - that's it. Sorry for the non colorful post but what can I say? It happens from time to time. :)

Happy reading!


Anna said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the first Wallflower book. They only get better and better. :)

Amy C said...

I hope you liked Devil Wears Tartan. I really did! It was pretty sad :sniffle:. I was actually just talking about that book the use of opium in it. I loved his heroine.

I used to take Devin to Chuck E Cheese alot. I would get these coupons off the juice pckages and it would cost us about 15 bucks for food and tokens. I think he'd get like 100 tokens. We never went without a coupon! We stopped going when he started kindergarten. But we'd go like half an hour after it opened. There might me 5 families there. Sometimes we were the only ones! It was very nice. Once or twice we went too late and ugh, too much noise, kids screaming!

nath said...

Hope you get some rest today.

You got a nice reading week. Mine was a bit meh. I did finish Angels' Blood, but I don't think I loved it as much as you :)

Are you planning on reading the rest of the wallflowers series?

Kati said...

I re-read Scandal in Spring last night (book 4 in the Wallflowers). I'd forgotten how delightful Daisy is.

I hope you end up loving the series as much as I did. Lisa is just a can't miss for me.

Tracy said...

Anna - good to know - but since I liked the first one so well I don't know how much better they can get! :)

Amy - I did. That's all I'm saying. :)
Oh CEC is the bane of my existence. Ok, not that bad and luckily we don't go there enough for me to truly hate it but I will keep my eye out for coupons! :)

Nath - Rest? ha! :) Actually one of my kids is sick...again. Damn! So I'm getting a little more rest than normal.
Yes, I'm planning on reading the rest of the wallflower series. I just have get book 2 as I have 3 & 4.

Kati - So many people had talked up this series I almost felt like I wouldn't like it because my expectations were so high. But I was so wonderfully surprised with the book. I love Kleypas' contemps but the only other historical I'd read of hers was only eh for me so I'm really, really glad that this one was so good. I will continue on...and soon. :)

JenB said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the cheesy honeymoon story. Wasn't that the corniest thing ever? Not the worst book I've ever read, but definitely one of the silliest.

Dawn Halliday said...

LOL! Your review made me giggle just a little! Thanks so much for reading Honeymoon Castaways, and here's hoping you'll find the next Dawn Halliday book you read to have a little more wine and a touch less cheese. ;-)

Rosie said...

I remain in awe of the number of books you read each week. I used to read 5 books a week. What has happened to me??????

Renee said...

Hiya Tracy! I just wanted to tell you that I gave you a Premio Dardos award over at my place. You are the best! :-)

nath said...

LOL, you could always skip book 2 which was meh... although there are events that happen and are important. Ah well... I don't like the Bowman family ^_^;

Sarai said...

I'm happy you liked the wallflower series and now understand why we all go gagga over it. Not sure if I spelled that right but there it is.

Katie Reus said...

Does What Mattered Most have a feel good HEA? I've been wanting to get it, but I can't tell from the blurb if he's a cheater. He's not right?

Tracy said...

Jen – I think for me the part that was an eye roller was when the married couple invited their friend to live with them – like, forever.

Dawn – glad I could make you laugh, I think. lol I did like the characters in the book I think the part a the end was what made it odd for me.

Rosie – These were mostly novellas – so no awe inspiring week there! lol And again, I have no life. :)

Renee – Thank you!!! You’re da bomb!

Nath – interesting viewpoint about the books that I’d not heard before. However I’m a little anal about reading books in order if I can so I will definitely get the second book soon. :)

Tracy said...

Sarai - yes, the 1st wallflower book was great and romantic. There IS a reason everyone goes nutty for them. I’m just behind the times…as I was with the Bridgerton’s.

Katie – It’s pretty good. As I said there were points where I felt that the heroine was going a little too far in her anger but no – he didn’t cheat. It would have been an DNF for me if he had actually cheated on his girlfriend.