I'M OK...and UR OK Too

Yep - it's yet another blogger award - in a manner of speaking. It's more the I'M OK/UR OK token that I was given by Lisabea last March (I see your mouth gaping open. I told you I was behind on my giving!). There aren't any real rules for this one but it was Lisabea saying: I'm particularly drawn to bloggers who review across the spectrum of genres in romance, who do so with laughter and a good will, and who aren't limited by the expectations of their audience. They open doors. That was just too darned to cool for words so I'm going to attempt to pass this wonderful token on to three blogs, that are relatively new-to-me, who I feel do that as well.

Hicia from Impressions and Musings of a Bibliophile. Hilcia is always fascinating me with her varied reading material and I love reading her reviews.

Leontine from Leontine's Book Realm. Her reviews are well thought out and I very much enjoy reading them. I think part of it is that English is her second language and it just amazes me. Besides that, have you seen that woman's bookshelves? Holy mackeral!

Orannia from Walkabout. Love her blog. Her sense of humor as well as her ability to break down a book to the basics has me gobbling the reviews.


Leontine said...

Hi Tracy,
Thanks for this wonderful award!! *hugs* I never heard of this one before but I'm honored to receive it :D

Hilcia said...

Tracy! Thank you so much for the lovely award, the comments, and for thinking of me... "Harris" would be so proud of us, lol!

Now! I know a few blogs I would loooove to pass this Award to, I just wonder if they already have it.

Tracy said...

You are so very welcome!

orannia said...

Oh Tracy, thank you so much! I'm very honoured! And I'm glad you like my reviews - few and far between that they are :)