Kreativ Blogger Award

Following in my blogger award spew of last week I want to keep things going with the Kreativ Blogger award. I was given a different Kreativ Blogger award back in December by CJ but this is a tad different (I think) and definitely greatly appreciated. This one was awarded to me by Jenre at Well Read. Jenre's blog is wonderful and if you haven't been to her site - go, really, go.

So I'm supposed to think of 7 of my favorite things and then nominate 7 bloggers to pass the award onto. It's hard to come up with 7 things - I'm really a simple woman who finds beauty in so many things that it's difficult to come up with 7 specific things but here's my list:

1. Cuddling with my kids. We mainly do this while watching movies - we all crowd on one pillow and practically dogpile - but even if we only cuddle for a moment when the time is available it's the best thing ever. I'll take it any way I can get it!

2. Sitting in my backyard with a good book (when it's not 110 degrees outside).

3. Reading (duh!)

4. Going on dates with my hubby. Not something we do often enough but it's fabulous when it does happen.

5. Family birthday celebrations with my side of the family. We all get together and my mom makes our favorite food. We usually end up talking about funny shit that happened when we were younger (I'm the youngest of 4 kids so there's a lot of funny shit). A good time is had by all.

6. Having my head massaged. Sounds odd but it's friggin bliss I tell you. Bliss.

7. Hearing my daughters laugh.

So I'm giving it to 7 bloggers who I think are always Kreativ in what they do:

Stacy from Stacy's Place on Earth

Blanche from There's No Such Thing As Too Many Books

Nath from Books, Books and More Books

Carolyn Jean from The Thrillionth Page (yes, another one CJ! lol)

Anna from Anna's Book Blog

Tumperkin from Isn't It Romance?

Ana and Thea from The Book Smugglers


sula said...

number 6! I also love having my had massaged. Any time I can finagle a head rub from DF, I am purring like a cat. meow!

Lea said...

Well deserved Tracy, and well deserved nominees..


Anna said...

Thanks Tracy!


Tumperkin said...

fankoo Trace!

hmmmmmm head rub......

Tracy said...

Sula - seriously one of the best things. I once went to a spa and they wrapped me in mud and plastic and blankets from next to toes and then rubbed my head for 20 minutes. Omg I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! lol

Thanks Lea!

Anna and Tump - you're very welcome!!

orannia said...

Congrats Tracy and all the nominees!

And I'm with you on head nmassage. I don't really like being touched (understatment of the century), but I do like a head massage :)

Carolyn Crane (aka CJ) said...

Hey Tracy!!! Thanks so much! I love this. And your list is wonderful, esp. the one about hearing your daughters laugh, and the family birthdays. Okay, I'll get awarding.

Kris said...

Great list and great group of blogs you nominated, they are all fabulous :)

nath said...

Thanks Tracy for the award!!

It's the simple things that we love most! :P

Tracy said...

Orannia - funny how you don't like to be touched but you love a head massage. Interesting. Do you think it's cuz the hair is there to dull the touch?

CJ - you're welcome. Yes, I love those fam b-days. Fun stuff.

Kris - thanks!

Nath - you are SO right. And you're very welcome.