Rated E For Excellent

Excellence is subjective. Let's face it. What I think is excellent may not be what the next person thinks. But that's what makes life so interesting, true?

But I think in this case I'm going to have a whole host of agreement when I hand out the Excellent Blog Award (given to me by Renee - thank you). This is to let you know that I find all your blogs excellent in your own unique and wonderful way.

(In no particular order)

Amy from Shaymless Aymless

Ciara from Ciaralira

Kati from Katidom

Rowena, Casee and Holly from The Book Binge

Sarai at Thoughts of an aspiring writer

Bridget Locke at Good Books, Bad Books and Every Book Inbetween

Kris from The Reading Spot

Monroe from Monroe With A Twist (even though my IE never lets me comment there so I hope she sees this! lol)

Tam from Tams Reads

Lily at I Love Books

I always enjoy going to your Excellent blogs - keep up the good work!


Aymless said...

Thank! I think yours is excellent too! ^_^

Lea said...

Congratulations Tracy!!

I think your blog is Excellent too... Congrats to all the other recepients.

Best and have a great weekend Tracy!!


Stacy~ said...

Excellent lineup *g* I've been to the majority of these blogs and have to agree. Now must check out the rest.

Carolyn Crane (aka CJ) said...

Ooh, congrats, guys, And hey! A few new blogs to visit. I love these awards for learning about new blogs.

Tam said...

Umm, Ack. Are people going to go there now? But thanks. :-) I'm going to have to tone down the snark factor if people start reading.

Warning for others - mine is not a "blog" blog, I just post the books I read there with a short story summary and what I liked or disliked. Its not meant to a review thingy and its only my opinion based on nothing but my own taste. So be warned. LOL

Tracy said...

Aymless - you're very welcome and thanks.

Lea - thanks honey! You too.

Stacy & CJ - I love going to new to me blogs too. Have fun.

Tam - You're worried people will go to your blog now? lmao! I LOVE the snark - that's why it's so excellent - do not tone down a thing!

Lily said...

Congrats Tracy and thanks so much for the award!!

Oooh, new blogs to check out :)

Rowena said...

Awww thanks and I agree with Stacy, you've got a great lineup there.

Kris said...

Thank you Tracy, your blog is excellent as well. Yea now i have some new blogs to check out.

Monroe Dawson said...

Aww...thx girl! And congrats on your award too! :o)

Tracy said...

Lily, Wena, Kris & Monroe - you're all very welcome!

Monroe I'm so glad you saw this. As I said my IE will let me type but then it screws up the word verification so I lurk. lol Take care

Sarai said...

Thank you! That means a lot!
I think your blog ROCKS!

orannia said...

Congrats Tracy and all the nominees :)