Blogger Awards

Christine of The Happily Ever After... blog awarded me this wonderful award recently and I'm just thrilled to have it. Thank you, Christine.

Before passing on the award, there is a fun survey I am supposed to do using single word answers only. I tried my best, but couldn't answer them all with single words.

Your cell phone? Lotus
Your hair? Red
Your mother? Wonderful
Your father? Amazing
Your favorite food? grandma's spaghetti
Your dream last night? can't remember
Your favorite drink? coffee
Your dream/goal? to live in happiness the rest of my life with my wonderful family 
What room are you in? office
Your hobby? reading
Your fear? driving off of an overpass
Where do you want to be in 6 years? I have no idea.  Just with my family.
Where were you last night? home
Something that you aren't? even tempered
Muffins? pumpkin
Wish list item? new wardrobe
Where did you grow up? everywhere
Last thing you did? played with the layout on my blog
What are you wearing? clothes
Your TV? is there
Your pets? none
Friends?crazy in a good way
Your life? normal
Your mood? happy
Missing someone? not at the moment
Vehicle? sedan
Something you're not wearing? my glasses
Your favorite store? any bookstore
Your favorite color? lavender
When was the last time you laughed? today
Last time you cried? a few weeks ago
Your best friend? funny
One place that you go to over and over? work
Facebook? rarely
Favorite place to eat? local Mexican restaurant

I'm passing the Over the Top Award to the following bloggers whom I think have blogs that are over the top in an extraordinary way:

Kris at Kris 'n' Good Books Just a plethora of wonderful stuff and beautiful cookies as well.
Jenre at Well Read Jenre puts up review after review and they're all so well thought out. I'm amazed how she does it day after day
Renee at Renee's Book Addiction Renee's reading tastes are so diverse - I love going there and seeing what she's been reading.
Wendy the Super Librarian Where else can I go and read about wonderful Harlequin's, Librarian info and Sports all on the same blog? And she's just had her 7th blogiversary. 7th!

This next award is for recognition of all those great bloggers out there who blog despite all of the day to day distractions. They take time from their busy schedules to plan and post content and still find time to comment on eveyone else's blogs. This was awarded to me from Sayuri at Damn Heart...  Thank you Sayuri!!!

and I am awarding this to:
Ana and Thea over at The Book Smugglers They have such a diverse blog - I just love it and there's always something new and wonderful to look at.
Chris over at Stumbling Over Chaos  If you haven't checked out her linkity posts you're totally missing out.  I really wish she'd work harder on those things. ;)
Mandi over at Smexy Books  She has something for everyone and posts almost daily.  How she does it I don't have a clue, but I like it.

Next is the Sugar Doll Award, given to me by Janna from Erotic Romance Reader. A fairly new blog to me but I'm loving it.  Thanks for the award Janna!

I am supposed to list 10 things about myself, then pass the award on to some other bloggers!  Okay, here it goes:

1. I love coffee and would drink it all day if I could.  But I know my limits and am down to a mere 24 oz a day now.  Aren't I good?

2. I used to own a pot-bellied pig named Hamilton. He wasn't an inbred pbp so he got quite large - short but large.  He came to just about mid thigh on me (I'm 5'5") and weighed about 125.

3. A long time ago in a land far, far away I dated a guy named Tracy.  Yes, it was weird.

4. Everyone in my family plays an instrument except me. My oldest sister plays the piccolo, flute & piano, my brother the trumpet, my other sister the clarinet and piano, my mom the piano and organ, my dad the piano.  I play the radio.  Well, I play the kazoo but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count. 

5. I rarely watch tv.  Maybe 1 show a month if I just happen to be passing the tv and my hubby is watching a show that catches my eye.  I read - who's got time for tv?

6. I've lived in Illinois, Idaho, Michigan, Oklahoma and California.  I've moved 21 times in my 44 years.  That's just wrong.

7. I love my family and friends endlessly (Janna had this one on her list and it's so great I had to keep it)

8. I hate to cook.  I'm not good at it, never learned properly and it drives me nuts that I have to do it to feed my family each night. *sigh* but I do it cuz I love them and I need to keep Child Protective Services away.  Anyone want to come over and cook at my house...daily...for no pay? 

9. My husband has had one Harley or another for the past 5 years and I've never ridden on any of them.  Not that I don't want to but we couldn't exactly pack up and ride whenever we wanted to with 2 small children so he's had to go by himself.  Now that they're getting older it will be easier.  Someday.

10. I love my blogging friends.  I love talking books with them and getting to know them - even if it's virtually.

Because I would love to learn a little bit more about them, I am passing this award along to the following bloggers.  I visit some of these blogs on a semi-regular basis (when I get a chance) and I know about them but I don't know them - others are brand new to me so I want to get to know them. :)

Congrats to everyone - enjoy!


Jenre said...

Aw, thanks Tracy. I'll do the answers to my questions on Sunday :).

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Thanks Tracey... I will promptly return to my dashboard and begin enlightening you!

Cecile said...

Awwww Tracy, thanks a bunches!!! I love your answers!!!
And you are right, I love learning about the people I consider my friends!

Lea said...

Congratulations Tracy & ladies!

Well deserved!


Tam said...

That was fun to learn all about you. Congrats on all the awards.

ErotRomReader (Janna) said...

Congrats on the awards, Tracy! It was fun to learn a little about you! Lol, that you kept my answer #7. I could've had your #8 and 10 on my list. I love my blogging friends too, it's great to have met all of them and chat with them about books and other things :) And I hate to cook as well, my solution: hubby cooks every day :D

Kris said...

Thanks, Tracy love. :)

Chris said...

Aw, thank you!! *worries that linkity posts need to 75% longer* ;)

And it was fun to learn more about you. Totally with you on the TV thing!

Tracy said...

Thank you and you're welcome! It was fun answering all of those questions. I have to say though that my life is pretty boring so coming up with 10 interesting things about myself was hard! lol

Janna - if only my hubby knew how...

orannia said...

Congrats Tracy! And thank you very much!

身材維持 said...

nice to know you ~........................................

Renee said...

Oh, thank you sweetie!

I always say that my reading diversity is because of my short attention span. So glad that it's appreciated! lol

I love talking books with you, and hope we can get together again soon, and do it in person!

You've got a wonderful list of bloggers here, and I'm going to check out the ones I haven't before visited!

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Mine is up now...

Leslie said...

Thank you for thinking of me Tracy! Congrats on your awards. Some of these blogs are new to me so I'll have to check them out. :)

Wendy said...

Weeeeee, thanks Tracy! Spring training has started, and I can't believe I haven't blogged about the Detroit Tigers yet. You've all been granted a temporary reprieve :)

Kris said...

forgot to tell you I posted mine.