Tuesday Teaser: Demon Blood

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Today’s Teaser comes from Demon Blood by Meljean Brook page 263 (ARC):

He was going to kill that thoughtless fuck she called a son. Force the selfish little bastard to have it out with her, whatever his problem was, not flay her like this, piece by piece.

I love, love, love Meljean’s Guardian series and can’t recommend it enough!

What I Read Last Week

Happy Monday!  I'm not sure if I'm trying to convince you or myself - but my coffee is helping, a lot! lol

A quiet week on the old home front.  The weekend brought lots of house cleaning and shopping for clothes for my oldest.  That child is growing by leaps and bounds and her clothes can't keep up!  I've been trying to just buy her clothes little by little because she's growing out of them so fast but this time I think I got her enough to make it through summer.  Fingers crossed. lol

Other than that not much going on so I'll get down to what I read last week:

First up was Bonds of Justice by Nalini Singh.  This one doesn't come out until July 6 so I was extremely happy to be able to read it early for The Book Binge.  It was another great book in the Psy/Changeling series.  This book is the story of cop Max Shannon (Talin's human friend) and Sophia Russo - a Justice Psy and I really, really  liked it!  I'll let you know when my review posts. :)  4.5 out of 5

The One That Got Away by Rhianne Aile and Madeleine Urban was the book that was chosen for my June Pick-It For Me Challenge on the m/m group on Goodreads.  I read reviews on this one but just hadn't gotten around to buying it so I'm glad I was "forced" to do it.  :)  This was the story of David who broke his shoulder and his best friend Trace who moves in to take care of him.  David is gay, Trace is not.  David hadn't had any sexual thoughts about Trace until they're basically living together and then the lascivious thoughts begin.  Trace isn't necessarily opposed to David but he's not jumping in with both feet.  This was a great book in that the slow, sensual seduction and the build up of what was to come was so engaging.  I loved that David didn't push Trace and that they deeply considered their friendship before doing anything.  A very good read. 4 out of 5

Next up was Open Season by Linda Howard.  This was my DIK Reading Challenge book for June and it was a good one.  You can read my review here. 4 out of 5

After that I read Obsessed by KZ Snow.  This is book 3 in the Jackson Spey - Adin Swift story arc and I decided to start with this one because it's really where the m/m story begins.  The first two books, I think (please correct me if I'm wrong), cover Adin's relationship with Celia.  This was an odd choice of a book for me because I have issues with infidelity and Adin being in a relationship with Celia but then beginning a relationship with Jackson should have hit all of my hot buttons...but it didn't.  I think it was because of two reasons A) the two men had truly been in love with each other for about 10 years and B) Celia gave her unmitigated approval of the relationship.  I very much enjoyed seeing the two men expressing their feelings for each other and can't wait to see what happens next in their relationship.  4 out of 5

I tried to read a Silhouette Nocture called Alpha Wolf by Linda O. Johnston for my Tracy's TBR Challenge read.  The premise of the book - a vet finding a wounded animal and then his owner comes to get him - the owner, unbeknownst to the vet is a shapeshifter was a good one and one that caught my attentionUnfortunately, I tried to read the whole thing but I just couldn't get into it.  The vet was annoying me with the - this man scares me, but he's hot so it's all ok thing. Ug.  Couldn't get past the first 100 pages. DNF

Next was Gemini: The Wicked Things by Pepper Espinoza (Boys of the Zodiac series).  I probably wouldn't have found this one on my own but read a Tuesday Teaser that Tam did and the talking horse caught my eye! lol  The story follows Travis who has moved in with his mother to help her out because she's dealing with dementia.  He meets a huge black dog that ends up being the ghost/soul of a long dead legend who can shapeshift.  John, the dog and legend, makes him see that he's not exactly who he thinks he is and that his mother's dementia is being caused by an evil witch.  Only Travis can save them.  Although I'm not a huge fan of witch stories I liked this one.  There was just enough of a mix of oddity, family and love that I liked it.   3.5 out of 5

The last book for the week was One Dance With A Duke by Tessa Dare.  This is book one in her new Stud Club trilogy and it was a good one.  Amelia is 26 and pretty much a wallflower.  She's taken care of her family for years and they mean everything to her.  When she finds out that the man that the ton has dubbed The Duke of Midnight has taken her poor brother, Jack, for four hundred pounds when they have not a penny to spare, she's more than pissed.  When the Duke shows up for his midnight dance she butts in and dances with him to give him a piece of her mind and try to make him forgive the debt.  This begins a relationship that is both loving and heartbreaking. I very much enjoyed seeing Amelia and Spencer verbally sparring.  They did it so well.  Now I can't say I agreed with how Amelia handled things at the end of the book (and no, I'm not telling you what happened, that would spoil it) but overall I really liked the book and am going to buy book 2 in the trilogy which came out on the 22nd. 4.5 out of 5
Oh and if you haven't seen it already, the trailer that Tessa made for this trilogy is fabulous!  You can watch it by clicking on the link to her site.

My Book Binge reviews that posted this past week:

Happy Reading!

Saturday Song

My girls have been playing this portion of Glee for days and it's so stuck in my head that I don't think it's ever leaving! It's Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.  I thought I'd share the video but none of them were truly great copies. In fact the one I'm posting right now is actually mirrored.  Enjoy

This is also one that has been played time and time again this week. Luckily I like the song! lol My youngest kept watching it over and over A) because she likes the song B) because she wanted to learn the dance moves. Cute!

Author Jackie M. Smith

A little about Jackie:

Love, romance, passion. Canadian romance author Jackie M. Smith's books have all these ingredients. Her debut historical romance has received rave reviews and now her second book is out, ready for your reading enjoyment.

Jackie’s latest book is a historical romance - A Soldier’s Vow - which released from XOXO Publishing on June 13, 2010:

Winnie Douglas always loved taking pictures of her family and her hometown. One day, while reading a war magazine, pictures of the soldiers whose strength and courage touched her. With her family’s blessing, she journeys to Paris where a French magazine hires her to take pictures of the war.

Henry Whitfield answers the call of duty and travels halfway across the world to fight in the war. Far away from his family and Canadian hometown, he feels the loneliness. On the battlefield, he meets an angel. Afraid she is just a dream, he befriends Winnie.

War brought them together. Will it tear them apart?

Excerpt from A Soldier’s Vow:

Valise in hand, Winnie stood breathless as she gazed at the majestic ship floating with so much grace against the afternoon late November sky. She stepped forward and her heart raced in her chest. After spending the last two years in Europe, she headed home. Taking a deep breath of the cool salty air, she calmed herself. “You can do this,” she whispered.
Fixing her wide brim hat, she climbed the thick wooden walkway, feeling her feet heavy with every step. She let her eyes glance down. The high distance from where she stepped and the water below made her nauseous and very light-headed. Taking another deep breath, she continued her way while touching her growing belly and feeling the baby’s movements within.
“Winnie!” A man’s voice far behind her called out her name.
Looking out into the crowd behind her, she searched for the caller but saw no one. She shook her head and continued her way up.
“Winifred Douglas!” The man’s voice called out again.
She stopped once more and looked below. For a quick moment, she swore hearing her darling Henry calling out to her. Could it be he travelled all this way to Liverpool in order to find her? Her heart raced. Her palms moistened inside her gloves. Walking a few steps back down the gangplank, Winnie bumped into people going up. She squeezed her eyes closed as people jostled their way past her. Stopping where she stood, Winnie looked everywhere for Henry’s handsome face. Unshed tears stung her eyes. She imagined hearing him and seeing him. She felt dizzy. Taking a deep breath, she walked the rest of the way down the gangplank, and waited once last moment for the familiar baritone to call out her name.


Where to buy A Soldier’s Vow: XOXO Publishing Online

How Do I Love Thee?

You probably think I'm going to spew about the reasons I love someone, don't you?  Well I am, kind of, but it's not directed at one certain person, it's directed towards a company; Astak.

Astak is the manufacturer of my EZReader 6" that I foolishly dropped on the 11th of June.  Most of you have read about the story but let me recap for those that don't know what happened.  

My daughter bumped into me and of all the many, many things I had in my hands only my EZReader fell to the ground.  It was fine until I tried to wake it up from sleep mode and then it didn't look so good.  I immediately called Astak customer service.  They said: take a picture of it and email it to us so that we can try to determine, just from the look of it, what's wrong.  I did this but unfortunately it was Friday afternoon and Astak was already closed for the day. Boohoo. However first thing Monday morning I got an email from CS that said yes, my reader had a cracked screen (internal) and they could fix it for $95.00.  I was thrilled!  I emailed back and they then sent me a RMA# to send in the reader.  

I sent the reader off the next day which would have been the 15th.  I sent it first class mail so it took a day or two to arrive.  I wasn't given an approximate as to how long it would take to repair so I was incredibly surprised when I got an email on the 22nd that said a new device was being shipped (and my cc was charged the $95.00).  Whaaaa?  A new device?  Sure enough yesterday when I got home my brand stinkin new EZReader was sitting there waiting for me to open like it was Christmas friggin morning!  It had new everything (earphones, charger, etc.) except an SD card which was fine since I had taken mine out of the broken one before I sent it - I wasn't about to lose all of my loaded books!

So I just have to give a GIGANTIC shout out to Astak and the wonderful people there.  I think they went above and beyond.  Now I not only love my device but I love the quick efficient company as well.  

You guys are da bomb!

The Winner Is....

The winner of the Fortunate Harbor by Emilie Richards book giveaway is:


Congratulations Karen!


DIK Book Reading Challenge Review: Open Season by Linda Howard

Be careful what you wish for....

On her thirty-fourth birthday, Daisy Minor decides to make over her entire life. The small-town librarian has had it with her boring clothes, her ordinary looks, and nearly a decade without so much as a date. It's time to get a life -- and a sex life. The perennial good girl, Daisy transforms herself into a party girl extraordinaire -- dancing the night away at clubs, laughing and flirting with abandon -- and she's declared open season for manhunting. But her free-spirited fun turns to shattering danger when she witnesses something she shouldn't -- and becomes the target of a killer. Now, before she can meet the one man who can share her life, first she may need him to save it.

When Daisy decides to do something that woman gets to work. She decides to change her image and within 2 weeks she’s gotten a new wardrobe, a new hairstyle and color job, moved out of her mother’s house and is taking steps to let everyone in town know that she’s available. I definitely had to admire Daisy’s drive – she didn’t second guess herself too much, she went for it.

While all of these changes are being made she is getting to know the chief of police, Jack Russo. Daisy doesn’t like Jack at all. He’s a Yankee for one and that’s about 1000 points against him because he’s not from the south. Then there’s his invasion of her personal space which she’s not a fan of, his cursing which is just not mannerly and he just gets on her nerves in general. For Jack’s part he thinks that verbally sparring with Daisy is probably some of the most fun he’s had in a darned long time and wants it to continue.

Daisy has very few dating prospects in her small town of 9,000 occupants so she heads off to a bar in the next town to dance and go husband hunting. During her second time at the bar she sits in her car to work up her nerve to go in (a fight had broken out while she was there the first time and she’s afraid everyone will remember her and either point and laugh or throw her out). While she’s sitting in her car she sees 3 men walk out of the bar and meet up with another. She thinks that the 3 men are helping the 4th man get into the back of the truck because he’s drunk but she’s really just witnessed a murder. Though she doesn’t realize what she's seen, one of the men who sees her get out of her car decides that she needs to be “taken care of” to destroy any chance of him being caught. Jack discovers that Daisy is now being watched, though he doesn’t know why, and he must keep her safe.

I was a little afraid when the book started off with Daisy deciding that she wanted to be a party girl. I’m not a huge fan of women deciding to “bad” but it worked. Daisy ended up being classic rather than trashy with a bit of help from a local man who everyone thought was gay. Though he wasn’t really he did have great taste and turned Daisy from mousy to memorable.

With Jack I think the thing I liked about him the most was that he had really looked at Daisy before her makeover. He’d seen her beautiful smile and her intense multi-colored eyes (she had one blue and one green) and wasn’t put off by her mannerisms. He liked her feistiness and decided that she’d be great in bed. Did he know that he’d fall for her? No, but of course, I did. lol

Then there was the suspense portion to this book which had many different sides to it. There was the sex trading, the murder that Daisy witnessed, and then another part of the story that dealt with GHB usage. It did get a tad cluttered for my taste but I appreciated the attention to detail that Ms. Howard provided.

This is one of the books that Ms. Moonlight chose for her DIK list. I’m not a huge romantic suspense lover but it was Linda Howard so I figured I’d give it a try. I’m glad I did. I love reading books where I laugh out loud and though this wasn’t a comedy it had enough of a fun twist that it hit most of my good spots. :) I thought that the book was very good and enjoyed reading it so much.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Tuesday Teaser - The One That Got Away

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Today's Teaser come from The One That Got Away by Rhianne Aile and Madeleine Urban page 53:

Trace pushed himself away from the counter and walked over to David, setting one hand on the table and one on the back of David’s chair. 
“I’m taking you out and wining and dining you tomorrow night.”

What I Read Last Week

For the most part this past week was pretty quiet.  Compared the week before it was very welcome!

The exciting part of the week was going to yet another So Cal Blogger/Author get together on Saturday, June 19.  It was so much fun to see everyone again and meet even more So Cal readers, bloggers and authors.  And one of the main reasons we all got together was that Pearl, from Pearl's World of Books, was visiting LA from the Netherlands! Pearl is incredibly sweet and it was great to meet her!  We All met at the Borders in the Century City Mall and then went on to the Ummba Grill, where the food was wonderful.  They sat us in their "lounge" area which we came to find out was outside but I thought it was great to be able to get up and move around.  Who cares that I ate with my food on my lap, I was in great company! :)  Here are pictures of the group:

I thought, what a great picture this turned out to be!  And then I realized that the man who was taking the picture cut off Nikki and Lori! Oops!  I'm going to tell you who everyone is because some of the faces were cut off in the total group picture.  I'm hoping Pearl comes through with some better pics from her camera. :)  Starting from the left: Rosie, Judith, Rowena, Pearl, Holly, Rachel Jameson, me, Sabrina Darby, Wendy (down in front), Christa Paige, Zoe Archer, Danielle Yockman, Renee, Netta Ferguson

Definitely not as great of a picture but at least we're all in it - although you can't see Christa's face at all!  Lori and Nikki are on the left next to Rosie,

Then we moved on to our book swap in the garage.  It was a fun time and we all pounced like scavengers! lol
And after it was all done these are the leftovers!  I know - a ton left (and this picture below doesn't include the very large box of books that were in my backseat!  All the remaining books will go to my friend who is stocking a downtrodden local library. :) 
I had a great time and can't wait to do it all again soon!

So on to what I read this past week:

First up was No Souvenirs by KA Mitchell.  Book 3 in the Diving in Deep series and it was just as good as the first 2 books.  This was Jae Sun Kim's story - he meets Shane McCormack while on a diving trip.  Jae Sun doesn't believe in love and seeing him have a meeting of the minds with Shane who ends up having 2 doctorates is something to behold.  Good stuff. 4.5 out of 5

Kidnapping Kara by Alyssa Brooks was a novella I read for The Book Binge and I gotta say I really didn't care for this one all that well.  It was the story of a man who goes to look for the woman that he loved 8 years prior to save her from her job of stripping and the drugs that he's been told (by her manipulative mother) that she's doing.  There were a few things that bothered me in the story - I'll let you know when my review posts and then you can see what those are. 2 out of 5

Next up was Fortunate Harbor by Emilie Richards.  You can read my review here and if you're interested you can enter to win a bound galley. You've got until the 24th at 11:59pm (pacific) to enter. 3 out of 5

Angel of Thirteenth Street by Eden Winters was my next read.  This was the story of a foster kid who had been kicked out of his home because he had turned 18 and the foster parents were no longer receiving checks.  He was living in a basement of an abandoned warehouse and managing to still finish high school.  He meets Noah when he goes to do his laundry at a local coin op.  Turns out that Noah is known as the Angel because he helps get young male prostitutes off the streets.  Noah takes Jeremy off the streets, gives him a place to live while Jeremy is hiding from the local pimp.  Trust, faith and love bloom while saving Jeremy.  This was my first read by Winters and I very much enjoyed her writing style.  I'll be reading more of her books in the future.  3.75 out of 5

My Tracy's TBR Challenge read for the week was The Other Half of Your Heart by Janis Susan May.  I think I got this one free from ARe in 2009 during their 12 days of Christmas giveaway.  I just have to say that I'm very glad that I didn't pay for it because it was a huge exercise in frustration.  I get when the author wants to draw the reader in by not giving them all the information right away, but I like to be given at least some info during the course of the book.  In this book a woman goes on a weekend with her boyfriend.  When she gets to the airport she finds that he's changed the tickets from New Orleans to Puerto Vallarta.  On the first day that she's there she is kidnapped and taken by a man who works with her in Dallas.  She has no idea why he's taking her and what's happening.  They run for their lives, but from whom?  They are constantly on the run and you have no idea if the kidnapper is the good guy or the bad guy...or if the boyfriend is a good guy or a bad guy.  While on the run the kidnapper, Dave, and Cara find common ground but not enough, imho, to warrant love - much less the other half of their hearts.  I had absolutely no clue what was going on (and neither did the heroine) until page 99 and it was a 112 page book!!!!  Anyway - not one I can recommend. 2 out of 5

Last but not least for the week was another read for The Book Binge.  This was Barely a Lady by Eileen Dreyer.  I've not read her before and apparently this is her first historical novel.  I really liked it.  The story of a man and a woman who divorce (gasp!) and she's not so graciously shown the door.  She finds him 5 years later after the battle of Waterloo in a French uniform.  When he awakes he doesn't remember much of anything and he believes their still married.  There were a few issues I had with it but overall a good read.  Anyway, I'll let you know when my review posts so you can read more.  4 out of 5

Happy Reading!

My Book Binge reviews that posted this past week:
Swap Meet by Lolita Lopez (used for one of my m/m challenge reviews)

Saturday Song

I dug out a CD this week that I hadn't heard in a while and damn it was good.  Why do I wait so long in between listenings? IDK - I guess new stuff comes along and it just gets shoved to the back of the drawer.  Anyway, today's song, Blurry by Puddle of Mudd, became popular in 2001 and is off their album Come Clean.  Since then they've been rockin it with 4 other albums that have all been damned good imho.  This vid is very sweet, but sad as well.  Of course lead singer Wes Scantlin is pretty easy on the eyes! lol Enjoy!

OMG I'm Not That Old

Last night I picked my youngest up from her Taekwondo class and then drove home.  I asked her if her and my other daughter had watched the movie that we had gotten from Netflix and she said no.  Then she asked if I had seen the movie before. I said that I had but that it had been a long, long, long, long time since I'd seen it since it had come out the year after I'd graduated high school.  She just looked at me with her little deadpan expression and said, "Just tell me one thing, is it in color?"

Omg How old does she think I am? lol  I told her that I may be a lot older than her but I'm not that old! *sigh*

K - I'm gonna go pick the gray hairs out of my head now.

Review and Book Giveaway: Fortunate Harbor by Emilie Richards

Join five women connected only by their growing friendship and the road that runs like a lifeline between their cottages in a rundown Florida development called Happiness Key.

Tracy Deloche finally gets a chance to swap business for a romantic evening with Marsh Egan, but dinner goes cold when she spots her ex-husband prowling outside her cottage. CJ is supposed to be in prison and out of her life for good. Exactly what is this modern day pirate seeking and what will it mean for Tracy's future?

Janya Kapur envies every pregnant woman she sees, but Rishi, her husband, is suddenly reluctant to talk about children. Is he disappointed in her inability to conceive? Their marriage was a contract between strangers. Can they ever hope for anything more?

Waitress Wanda Gray loses her job after new owners turn the Dancing Shrimp into a tapas bar. Wise neighbor Alice Brooks' suggestion that Wanda start her own business seems like a brilliant solution, until Wanda starts Pie War I with the owners of the local bakery.

When the empty cottage at Happiness Key is rented by single mother Dana Turner, everything seems perfect. With Alice volunteering to watch her daughter while she works and Wanda's offer of a job, this spit of Florida Gulf Coast land should be a fortunate harbor for a mother and daughter who have moved far too often-except for Dana's shocking secret.

As the women of Happiness Key struggle to discover the truth in time to help their new neighbor, their only weapon is friendship. But will friendship be enough?

The blurb is pretty self explanatory so I'll just jump into my thoughts.

This is a book about the four women who live in Happiness Key.  There's not a ton of excitement in the town as far as I can tell so they pretty much just do their thing.  But one of their favorite things to do is gossip.  I have to admit that I think it's pretty cool that these women, who live close by each other in their small 5 house development are good friends and get together and share - sometimes their sharing was just downright meddlesome.  Each woman has her good points as well as her bad.  From what I can tell this is book 2 in the Happiness Key series and they were just as meddlesome in book 1.

This book reads very much like "a day in the life" but it covers about 4 months.  Sometimes those lives are downright staid, but we get to read all about it.  Then there are other times when life is exciting and we get to read about that too.  I have to say that I really did long for the exciting times. lol  Unfortunately I felt that even though I had just finished 528 pages I really didn't get to know but a couple of the characters very well and even then I truly didn't feel any particular emotional attachment to them.  If I had read book 1 I might have felt differently though, I can't say.

*Tracy, the true main character was more than a bit cantankerous throughout the book but seemed to be a nice person when her life wasn't going as badly as it was.

*Wanda is a completely outspoken and nosy neighbor but generally has people's best interests at heart.

*Janya is the youngest of the bunch and in a marriage that was hastily arranged (details in book 1, I guess).  I found this part of the book to be the most interesting but is was the smallest part of the book.

*Alice is a neighbor and a grandmother.  Other than the few sentences she speaks during the book we hardly got to know her at all.

*Dana and her daughter Lizzie are the new neighbors and they're hiding something pretty serious which unfortunately we didn't discover until almost the end of the story which was incredibly frustrating.

It's not often, at least lately, that I veer from my romance genre so when I was contacted to review FH I figured it was about time I took a turn into some different fiction.  While I didn't love the book it was a calm, mildly entertaining read - there were some darned funny parts in it as well and for me that's always a plus.  That being said, I think I might have to stick with romance again for a while. :)

Rating: 3 out of 5

I received the ARC of FH from Planned Arts TV and they have kindly offered another copy for a giveaway as well.  If you're interested in winning a copy of Fortunate Harbor (a bound galley)then leave a comment on this post sometime before next Thursday, June 24th at 11:59pm (pacific) and you will have your name in the drawing.  The winner will be announced on Friday, June 25th.
(This book releases on June 29th)

Tuesday Teaser - Fortunate Harbor

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Today's Teaser comes from Fortunate Harbor by Emilie Richards page 212:

Tracy was afraid that next Henrietta was going to launch into a solo from Fiddler on the Roof.  Before she did, Tracy knew she had to correct the impression that she and CJ were about to retie the old knot, because the only knot she wanted to tie anywhere in her ex's vicinity was a noose.

What I Read Last Week

Well it was a crazy week in Tracyland last week.  My boss had carpal tunnel surgery last Thursday and trying to get everything in order just in case she wasn't A-ok by today was a little nutty - especially since I was going to be gone Friday.  We managed to get it all together which was a relief.

Then on Friday my oldest daughter graduated from 6th grade.  Holy cow.  Didn't she just start kindergarten?  I mean, really? lol  I know as the years are going by it doesn't seem like time is flying but seriously, it just doesn't seem possible that she's old enough!  Anyway, she looked beautiful and was definitely all smiles.  It was a good day.  Here's a picture of her and her teacher who is just an incredible human being and a fabulous educator.
That same day brought major sadness with it when I was carrying a boatload of crap in from the car - as mom's do - and my daughter bumped into me.  The only thing to fall and hit the concrete?  My Ezreader.  It looked fine until I tried to wake it up from sleep mode and then it looked like this:
FYI - that's not how it's supposed to look!  I called customer service at Astak and they said they thought the internal screen was broken and that I should email them a picture so they'd get a better idea if it could be repaired.  Since that was Friday I haven't heard from them  - I wait impatiently for their reply!  I'm devastated.  Seriously.  I loved that thing and hope to heavens it can be repaired! **I just heard from Astak and they can repair the screen for $95.00!!!!  Doing the happy dance!**

Luckily I had my old ebookwise handy (that still has that big ole annoying splotch right in the middle of the screen) so I charged that puppy up (I mean, I was in the middle of a book I had to read NOW! lol) and tried to load my books on it.  That wasn't working at all.  The librarian that converts the books to load to the reader would accept the books but when I would open the function on my ereader it showed that there was nothing in the librarian.  Now, I used by ebookwise regularly before I got my new ereader so I'm pretty handy with getting kinks worked out but this was just not happening.  I tried everything I knew and still nothing was happening.  So, I used the old tried and true uber-technical plan: fuck with the settings until it works.  And it worked!  I've not only loaded ebooks on to my reader but I'm pretty sure I also have hacked into some US military compound and am started WWIII. (can you tell my kids have been watching War Games? lol)

So despite the highs and lows of this past week it was a good one - and a good reading week as well:

Married by Morning by Lisa Kleypas was my first read of the week and it was a good one.  This is book 4 in the Hathaway family series and I very much enjoyed Catherine and Leo's banter and their relationship just hit that right spot in me.  I have to admit that at first I was confused as to why Cat had such issues with men.  It did seem quite out of proportion to what had happened - but it was explained satisfactorily near the end of the book so that put my mind at ease.  4.5 out of 5

Next up was Lion's Heat by Lora Leigh.  This was book 21 in her Breed series.  I know. 21.  Seems like a crazy number but they're still going strong.  This was Jonas's story and another good one.  The heroine was bugging me quite a bit at first but she seemed to calm down after a bit and I was able to enjoy the story so much more. lol  I read this one for The Book Binge so will tell you when the review posts. 4.25 out of 5

Can't Hurry Love by M. Jules Aedin was a book that I won over at Jenre's blog and I'm so happy I read it.  It was an adorable novella about a promiscuous guy, Vincent, who works in the Easter Bunny dept in the Corporation of Mythical Beings.  He gets put on probation when he's caught in the supply closet with a satyr and assigned to help out Charlie in the Cupid dept.  Only Charlie's pretty much on strike for cupid activities and Vincent's not quite sure what to do with him.  I really liked the story a lot.  Although there's not a whole lot of romance between Charlie and Vincent I loved how it ended.  Worth the read.  4.5 out of 5

My Tracy's TBR Challenge read for the week was a Harlequin Intrigue called Bodyguard/Husband by Mallory Kane.  This was the story of a woman who has the bad luck of having the men in her life either die or disappear. Unfortunately her uncle, the local police chief, believes that it's someone who's obsessed with her that is causing the deaths and disappearances and brings in the FBI to investigate.  In order to be close together they get married - for real.  They find the man, as well as love.  It was a cute story. 3.5 out of 5

For the rest of the week I went on an m/m binge.
I started Once Upon A Veterinarian by Drew Zachary but got about 75 pages into the 137 and just couldn’t read any more. It wasn’t a horrible story but I kept getting annoyed at the interruptions and the vets partner was extra annoying. Needless to say I didn’t end up finishing the book. DNF

Then I read Never Let Go by ML Rhodes.  The story of two men who had known each other for years but had each been hiding the fact that they’re gay as well as their feelings for each other. They have one wonderful night together but then one gets called away for work. He tells the other not to give up on him that he’ll contact him as soon as he can. Three years later he shows up on his doorstep. They have issues to work out to say the least. This was a good story but I wanted more. I felt that the homecoming and reunion went pretty smoothly considering the hurt feelings and betrayal. Yes, there were huge extenuating circumstances (which I won’t tell you about and ruin it for you) but I still felt that it went a tad to easily. Still a good book. 3.75 out of 5

Next up was Never Look Back by Josh Lanyon. This story follows Peter Killian who wakes up in the hospital with no memory of who he is or what’s happened to him. Unfortunately the cop sitting next to him is pretty sure he’s the prime suspect in a robbery. This was a great story. Of course I love Lanyon’s books because he has such a wonderful way of having the story unfold. I loved watching the layers get peeled away in this one. 4 out of 5

I’ve had Diving in Deep by KA Mitchell for a while – since I found out that it was related to Collision Course which I read last year. Well I finally read it and I really liked this one as well. This was Cameron and Noah’s story. Cameron has been Noah’s ideal man since Noah was 15 years old. They had one wonderful night together when Noah was 19 but then they didn’t see each other. Cameron is on the road for work a lot and though he’s into Noah he still doesn’t see him as anything but his best friend’s little brother. It was a really good story that I recommend. 4 out of 5

Of course when I finished Diving in Deep I immediately wanted to re-read Collision Course, so I did. I liked it even more the second time. I see by Goodreads that I originally read it in March of 2009 and gave it 3.75 out of 5. This time I would give it a 4.5 out of 5. It was just that good.

(And, big surprise, after reading Collision Course I had to immediately start on No Souvenirs the 3rd book in the series and I’m reading it now. I’m about halfway through and loving it as well.)

So that’s it for my reading week. I hope you had a great one as well!

Happy Reading!

My Book Binge reviews that posted this last week:

Saturday Song

Another song from a movie.  I've been watching so many movies lately (which is odd for me) and some of the songs just catch my eye - or ear as the case may be.  This was definitely one of them - The Call by Regina Spektor.  I love Spektor's voice but some of her lyrics are a bit, well, odd to me (in some of her songs).  I think this was written specifically for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian but I can't find that info so...I'm not sure.  This song could be about love, war, Narnia - you decide. There's no official vid for this song so I went with the Narnia movie clips - it was the best of the bunch I had to choose from.

Cookies Instead of Review (NSFW)

So Thursday, at least lately, is the day that I post a review.  Well, not today.  It's been a crazy week with the kids and my boss is having carpal tunnel surgery today and my brain is fried.  So today instead of a review you get cookies.  Don't say I never gave ya anything.

Have a great day!

Where Does Tracy Want To Go?

What do you mean you don't know?  

Well, come on over to author Jackie M. Smith's blog today where I'm guest blogging and I'll tell you!

Could this be one of the places?  Come find out!

Tuesday Teaser - Lion's Heat

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Today's Teaser comes from Lion's Heat by Lora Leigh page 223:

There was no pleasure so great as holding her to him, feeling the soft, hesitant little licks and sucks against the agonized flesh of his tongue.

The more she gave him, the more he wanted.