Saturday Song

I've been a 3 Doors Down fan since...well, forever - since they came out with their first album.  I love their music and listened to it quite a bit this week when I was driving to and fro to visit Kris.  Let's just say I've never met a song of theirs I didn't like.  

In America this past Thursday we celebrated our vets with Veterans Day and I thought this video was appropriate for that day - as well as the fact that I like the song When I'm Gone! lol 
(They also do a great video for the song Citizen Soldier for The National Guard)


Tam said...

Great choice Tracy. I love that band and just put their song Kryptonite on a CD I made for someone recently.

I really don't think I could be a military wife. Ugh. So hard.

Chris said...

Nice one! Thanks for sharing.

Martha Lawson said...

Gotta love those Mississippi boys!!

orannia said...

I look forward to listening to this tonight :)

Tracy said...

Tam - Kryptonite's still one of my favorites. I just don't get sick of it. The kids love it too. :)
I'm with you - I could never be a military wife - so hard.

Chris - You're so welcome.

Martha - I love that they're so down to earth too & proud of where they're from. I love that.

Orannia - I hope you ejoy.