Weird Week

This is turning out to be a really weird week (yes, I know it just started) and I haven't had time to post. I won't be able to post tonight either as my children are being....well, children. :)

I'll try to post my reads from last week tomorrow. Cross fingers.  

Hope you're all well!


Chris said...

*gasp* Children being children?! Whatever is the world coming to??

orannia said...

(((Tracy))) I hope things become...less weird as the week progresses!

*crossing fingers for Tracy*

Erotic Horizon said...

Great reading week - Some of those covers would even make me want to read some of those book..

Looking forward to your thoughts on His For the Holidays...

Be gentle with the kids, they are only ....children after all...


Tracy said...

Chris - I KNOW! lol

Orannia - Thanks for the hugs. :)

EH - Oh no worries, even when I'm upset at my children I'm always gentle with them. It's just my insides that explode. lol
His For The Holidays = fabulous!