What I Read Last Week

I hope you all had a nice week. For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Ours was spent at our home with lots of family and laughter – the best way, imho. Of course it was fabulous having Thursday and Friday off as well – who can complain about 4 days off work? Not me! lol

My oldest has her first boyfriend. OMG shoot me. Yes, she’ll be 13 at the end of December but it just makes me feel old. lol And yes, we’ve moved into the modern age – the boy TEXTED her to ask her. *sigh* Granted they’ve been friends for a while and text all the time so I guess he thought it made no difference. Maybe I should have a talk with him….ok, maybe not. lol

My youngest brought home her first report card of the year and it was excellent! I’m so proud of her! I love that she loves school and does so well.

In case you didn’t see it, the Desert Island Keeper blog is recruiting for new members. The questions that need to be answered and then emailed to me are here so if you are interested, or know of anyone who might be, have them email me by Saturday, December 4.

My first read for the week was Styx’s Storm by Lora Leigh. This is book 212 in the Breed series. Oh wait, it’s only book 22! lol Anyway, I really like the series a lot but this one wasn’t the best I’ve read of them. The heroine, Storme, was the daughter of a council scientist and she felt that her brother and father cared more for the Breeds they created than they did for her – and the Breeds ended up killing them. She’s been on the run from both the good Breeds and the Council Breeds for 10 years because she carries secret research her father had completed and is finally caught by Styx who ends up being her mate. Or is he? He feels all the possessiveness that a mate would feel but the mating fever hasn’t started. She’s drawn to Styx but yet scared of the Breeds. This was good, but not really a romance, imho. It had more sex and fear in it than romance but yet the h/h fall in love. It did answer some questions that were brought up in Jonas’s book though so that was nice. 3.5 out of 5

Fairy Tale Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women edited by Kristina Wright was my next read. Not a long book but has 18 short fairy tales in it. Some dark, some light – all very erotic. I don’t particularly care for the title as I think that men would like this too. J I read this one for The Book Binge so I’ll let you know when the review posts. 3.5 out of 5

Next up was A Duke’s Temptation by Jillian Hunter. This involves a Boscastle but is considered book 1 in the Bridal Pleasures series by this author. Lily Boscastle seeks a housekeepers position after she witnesses a murder and her family doesn’t believe her. Rather than bring more scandal to the family she takes a position with a Duke’s household. She isn’t aware that this is the Duke that she had flirted with and kissed at a previous ball and that he wants her for his wife. It was a good story but the Duke was a tad too unhinged for my liking. No, he wasn’t crazy but I felt it took the eccentric artist/author persona a bit far at times. The romance was very sweet though and I really liked Lily and Gravenhurst together. 3.75 out of 5

My next read was Fun with Dick and Shane: The Life and Times of a Submissive Houseboy by Gillibran Brown. Utterly frustrating at times but quite entertaining…and supposedly real. *shrugs* who knows? You can read my review here. 4 out of 5

Bloodlines by Jessica Lee was an m/m book that I read for The Book Binge. Evin KinKaid kicked out of his shifter pack for being gay and not conforming to his dad, the Alpha’s, wishes about whom to marry. A year later and he meets Mason who he accidentally infects. He then seeks his father’s help for Mason. A very good shifter story with a nice twist at the end. 4 out of 5

My Tracy’s TBR Challenge read for the week was Three Nights with a Scoundrel by Tessa Dare. Why did this sit on my shelf so long? I think I bought it when it first was released. It’s one of those ones I’m kicking myself over since it was so darned good! Maybe because I wasn’t too attached to Lily and Julian in the first two books in the series but really, the two made for a very good couple and their romance was beautiful. Lily’s deaf and I think it made for such intimacies between her and Julian that wouldn’t normally have been there. Just a darned good story. 4.5 out of 5

My Book Binge reviews that have posted since last week:
Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews – so darned good!

Happy Reading!


Lori said...

So glad you finally read 3 Nights! I also loved it.

I agree with your thoughts on A Duke's Temptation, too.

LOL at oldest's BF. My youngest is very similar. (Why not? They're the same age!)

We had Thanksgiving with oldest's girlfriend. How weird was that for me?!

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving - it was awesome to take time off!

Tam said...

Glad you had a nice holiday.

We haven't really had to deal with boyfriends, she always seems to crush on the unattainable one, that's okay with me. LOL

As for texting? I think we old fogies have to get over our "must be done in person" bias. That's how they do it. It's normal to them and not rude or disrespectful, it's how they communicate. I don't have a problem with it. They'll work it out. Good luck though.

Tracy said...

Lori - Three Nights was so good!
Yep - the kids that age are so...young. lol Or I'm just old.

Tam - You lucky devil - no BF's! I could only hope. My oldest has been boy crazy since 1st grade I'm surprised it took her this long. :)
I know the texting thing is normal for them but I guess it's the respect thing. They don't think it's disrespectful...but I do. But I just butted out and minded my own business like a good mom. :)

orannia said...

First boyfriend? WOW! Am trying to think when I thought boys were interesting rather than a complete pain :)

And a very interesting reading list. I'm rather intrigued by Dick & Shane :)

Lily said...

Happy to hear you had a good holiday weekend! Looks like you had a good reading week also.

I've not read any of these. I read the first six or so of the Breed books and wow, I can't believe it's up to 22 now.

I've got Fun with Dick and Shane on my TBR. Sounds like I need to move it up. :)

Tracy said...

Orannia - I think I thought boys were interesting in the 5th or 6th grade but didn't have my first boyfriend until 10th grade - I just looked at them longingly before that! lol
Dick and Shane is definitely different but good. :)

Lily - LOL I know, 2 books, can you imagine? I'm thinking it might be time to wrap it up, but that's just me. :)
Bear with Dick and Shane for the first chapter or two. I found it frustrating to start but it definitely got better.

Chris said...

I ran out of steam on the Breed books, too! Somewhere around #171 or so... ;)

A boyfriend! O.O

nath said...

Wooohooo, a boyfriend! LOL. Well I don't think you should hold the texting against him... it's their lifestyle now. Have to adjust to times!

Pretty good reading week you had there. So, you really liked Three Nights? I'm interested now, since the heroine is deaf...

~ames~ said...

Excellent reading week!

And how cute about the boyfriend! :P

Also, I'm taking a break from the Breeds too. From LL actually.

Tracy said...

Chris - lol There are a lot of Breed books!
Oh the boyfriend drama! I'll have more on that next week. :)

Nath - I did like 3 Nights! I wasn't all that intrigued by Julian or Lily in previous books but I really liked this one a lot.

Ames - The only LL I read any longer are the Breed books. :)

orannia said...

Oh, forgot to say I gave up on the Breed books this year. The heroines...drove me nuts and although I was interested in the overall plot each book felt the same :(