Saturday Song

This week's song was chosen by youngest daughter.  Not that I don't love the song but it wouldn't have been my first choice - Jessie's song, When Somebody Loved Me, from Toy Story 2 is sad! But the little miss insisted and it went something like this:

Her: You need to put up Jessie's song for your song on Saturday.
Me: Oh I need to, do I? Why?
Her: Because I got glasses this week.
Me: Uh, all you did was get the exam - you haven't actually started wearing the glasses.
Her: Yes, but it was traumatic and you need to be extra nice to me and that's the song I want.
Me: It was not traumatic and I'm always nice to you!
Her: I know that but I'm trying to get the song played.  Work with me here!

Yes, I repeat, she's 8! lol  So because her week was SO traumatic *snort* here's her pick:


Tam said...

Oh my, she likes them emo at 8. LOL And knows how to work it. :-) Hope she'll enjoy her ability to see cleary with the new glasses. You can tell her that Kristen is jealous. Kristen would LOVE to have glasses, if only for the fashion accessory. She wanted me to buy her plain ones. For $300? Um. No. LOL

Lori said...

Laughing. That so sounds like a conversation you'd have with her.

orannia said...

*wipes away tears*

I don't think I should have watched that...

Leslie said...

She's a smart one!

This is such a sad song. I recall tearing up a bit when I first saw the movie.

Tracy said...

Tam- She does like them emo...but only sometimes. She's the best fake crier I've ever met. lol
Oh the oldest swore she wanted them and then when she actually had to get them she would never wear them!

Lori - Yep, that's my baby - workin it any way she can with a dimple and a twinkle in her eye. :)

Orannia - Sorry. It's quite emotional - especially when you want the whole movie. But on a happy note it works out well in the end!

Leslie - Too smart sometimes. :)
Me too - but a great song. :)

orannia said...

I'm glad to hear it works out well. Have made a note not to watch anything teary when I have PMT....really bad idea :)