Saturday Song

I just heard this song for the first time this week but I really, really like it!  It's called Not Strong Enough by Apocalyptica featuring Brent Smith (from Shinedown).

The official video for the song was a bit bizarre for me but when I looked around - apparently every vid for this song was a bit on the odd side. lol  (the song brings it out? IDK)  Anyway, the vid I ended up choosing has a unlikely collection of photos but it was one that had no bubble pop ups with comments (I hate those) or lyrics so you can just enjoy the song itself.



Barbara said...

Really great song, Tracy. I dont think I've heard anything from Shinedown, but I used to work with a guy who was a guitarist and knew the group. I believe his band opened for them or something. He talked about them constantly (used to drive me a bit nutty, lol!)

Have a great weekend.

Chris said...

I'm back and forth on Apocalyptica - sometimes I like them and sometimes I find them very annoying.

Tracy said...

Barbara -i didn't know that Brent from Shinedown had sung with other groups so this was a nice surprise. And yeah, the constant talk would drive me batty as we'll. Lol

Chris--Me too. I liked the one they did with Gavin Rossdale as well. So what end of the spectrum did this fall in for you?

Chris said...

Not the day to ask me. :) I'm in computer hell and I'm cranky at everything!!

orannia said...

My work colleagues all love Apocalyptica...and Metallica. I'm not there yet...but perhaps ready to put a toe in the water *grin*

Tracy said...

Chris - Yeah, having a bad day affects the way I think about things too. :)

Orannia - I like some of their stuff. Metallica I like their older stuff better but can't listen to it all that much as a lot of it sounds the same. This one was on the more mellow side so that was good for the mood I was in when I heard it. :)