Saturday Song

This week I was looking through the CD drawer of older CD's and pulled out Jamie O'Neal's Shiver from 2000.  It was a really hard year in my life and the songs on this CD meant so much to me at the time all for different reasons.  Now I listen and just kind of smile and think back and I'm really happy I'm not in that same place! :)

I'm going to post two songs today from that CD - the first one is There Is No Arizona and is a sad song about a love being left behind - but it's a good song!

This next one, Frantic, I always thought was really fun and when I listen to it now I just laugh because it kind of describes my life (although I don't actually LIKE things frantic!)  I would have liked to have found a video with just words and music but the ONE they had on you tube hurt my eyes. Just listen to the words lol Enjoy!


orannia said...

I've never heard of Jamie O'Neal, but I love Frantic! (The video didn't hurt either - I love Doctor Who too *grin*

Thank you Tracy :)

Tracy said...

Glad you liked it, Orannia!