Beverly Cialone reviews: Two for Thursday

Coming Home

After being apart for many years, Nick learns of the death of Ashley's parents, and flies back to his old hometown to be by her side. Concerned over how distraught Ashley is, he decides to bring her back home with him, where their relationship picks back up and heats up in a hurry. However, Nick has a secret but jealous admirer, and when Ashley is kidnapped, Nick discovers that Ashley is pregnant. Will they get to her in time? What will become of Ashley and her baby?

Nick reads about the death of Ashley’s parents in the paper and he doesn’t hesitate for a minute before he decides that he needs to be with her. He finds her at her parents’ house barely dealing with the emotions that are rioting through her body. Nick pretty much takes over and takes Ashley to his hotel to get some food and rest. He forces her to eat and to take care of herself and eventually she comes out of the fog she's in.

Nick is there with Ashley during the very difficult funeral and when Ashley decides that she can’t stay in her town any longer without her parents Nick offers his home as a place to lay her head. Ashley takes him up on this and due to their close proximity their relationship soon blooms into something more than friendship.

Ashley falls hard for Nick but she’s not sure how Nick feels. When she finds out she’s pregnant she’s not positive Nick will be happy about the baby but before she can tell him, a psycho ex-date of Nick’s decides to take Ashley out of the picture in order to put herself into it.

This is my first read by this author. While I liked the premise of the book the story fell a bit short for me. I liked Nick but frankly by the end of the book knew very little about him.  I liked Ashley as well but besides the death of her parents I knew nothing about her either.  There was very little characterization and sadly  I didn’t feel like there was any true emotion in the book. They almost felt like characters who were playing out a part and just saying their lines - and not well.  The writing itself didn’t delve into the major emotions that this book could have developed.

The part when Ashley is kidnapped is probably the most intense part of the book but it was very short lived. Allison, the psycho kidnapper, had such hatred and while I felt that we really didn't get too much background on why she would act this way except that she'd had a few dates with Nick. I felt Nick’s relief at finding Ashley but even with all the major events that were happening in the book the intensity didn’t come through. Overall the book was just ok for me.

Rating: 2 out of 5

In the Eye of the Beholder

Hi, my name is Ashley. I never thought I would get this lucky - to meet a handsome doctor named Adam and fall madly in love. But I did. The only problem is that Adam is blind and I already have major self-esteem issues. Add to that a spiteful ex-wife and a reserved live-in housekeeper, and my story makes for a very interesting read! Go ahead, lose yourself in my adventure; I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Ashley, our narrator, has lived in the town for a mere 6 months.  She doesn't date and she's a bit lonely.  She works at the hospital and one day while eating lunch in the cafeteria she sees Adam.  She's instantly attracted to him and since he's reading a book she decides that that would be a perfect conversation starter. She heads over and has a great conversation with Adam and they decide to meet the next day for lunch.  Ashley is beside herself!  She doesn't feel that's she's pretty or attractive in any way so she's shocked that Adam would be interested in eating lunch with her since he's so gorgeous.

Ashley and Adam seem to hit if off and end up meeting for lunch on a regular basis for at the hospital (he works there as a doctor) and they spend a couple of weekends having fun and getting to know each other.  After they'd been dating for a bit Adam decides to come clean - he's blind and has been for the past 5 years.  He handled himself well so she didn't know (although there would have been clues, I would think - especially reading by Braille, right?).  She's not bothered by the blindness and their relationship grows deeper until Adam become eligible for an optic nerve transplant.  He is suddenly a seeing man again and this makes Ashley's self-esteem (of which she has little to none) hit the skids.  Adam, however, knows that he loves Ashley for more than looks and even when he sees her is completely in love and thinks she's beautiful.

Ashley still has doubts though and when Adam's ex-wife shows up she's even more unsure of her future with Adam.

I have to say that this book was much more enjoyable for me for the first part of the book.  While I didn't get a ton of background on either character I got some and it was enough to pull it all together.  I really liked Adam and his love for Ashley.

I have to admit that Ashley's self-esteem issues started to grate on my nerves more than a bit.  She wanted nothing more than a man to love her for who she was, etc., etc. and she had that with Adam!! I didn't want her doubts any longer as he did everything in his power to let her know that she was loved and wanted.

The second part of the book was where things really started to go wrong for me.  Maybe if I hadn't read Coming Home I wouldn't have had a problem with it but frankly it was almost the same book rewritten.

  • The hero is a doctor and know exactly how to sooth the virgins aches and pains after their first time having sex - with ice straight in the vagina.
  • The heroine has a sudden attack of appendicitis and has to be rushed to the hospital where, of course, the hero will perform the surgery.
  • The heroine is slapped around by a jealous crazed woman.
  • The heroine's parents die in a crash and she must be consoled by the hero and forced to eat.
  • The heroine becomes pregnant and is reluctant to tell the hero but when she does he's thrilled.  She's terrified of pregnancy but it's ok because the hero is doing the delivery himself and taking care of it all  - at home.

All of the above was in both books with just slight variations in settings and dialogue!  I honestly had to wonder if the author's other books had the same plot points.  *sigh*

I had a good feeling about the book at first but it soon dissolved and I was left disappointed in reading the same novella over again.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Beveryly Cialone
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Tam said...

No. Freaking. Way. I don't care how much I love you, you're not cutting my innards open if you are blind. Seriously, no hospital in their right mind would let a blind person OPERATE. And they spent the weekend together and she didn't realize he's blind? Seriously? Come. On. She must have been mentally handicapped then. I'm just flabbergasted (my new fave word) that anyone would let this go as believable.

Book number one. Let me spell it for you. CONDOMS. Either she was too distraught by the death and wasn't aware, in that case, he took advantage of her and should be smacked, or she's just too damn stupid. Really. Are they writing more mentally deficient heroines now? Is there a lack? I thought TSTL was going out of style. I'm outraged on behalf of women everywhere with half a brain.

Oh and no one is putting ice in my hoohaw thank you very much.

Tracy said...

LOL Tam. Let me put your mind at ease - you must have missed the part that said he got his sight back. :) He was definitely sighted when he did surgery on her!

Condoms would have been a GREAT thing in both books. The second one didn't even mention them - although the first book did. The heroines were a little...interesting! :)

Tam said...

I was probably so stunned by the fact she didn't notice he was blind after spending a WHOLE weekend together that I missed that. Okay. Then he can operate on me, but I didn't think they let people operate on their families, lovers, etc.

nath said...

LOL, I was like Tam. How did he perform surgery while being blind? But even then, shouldn't he have some practice?

I have difficulties with books by the same author when the sex scenes are essentially the same. Can't imagine books with events that are the same! Hmmmm.

Also, if she suffered so much from self-esteem issues, I'm surprised she even approached him!

and LOL about the Braille part.

As for Going Home... Were Nick and Ashley initially in a relationship or something?

KB/KT Grant said...

The good old ice in the hoo haa to bring down the swelling trope. Hmmm.

Chris said...

Wait, both books feature Ashleys? The Ashley? Different Ashleys?! WTF?!?

Chris said...

The second sentence should be "The same Ashley?" :)

Tracy said...

Tam - He apparently counted steps, etc. The only "notice" she took was when they were having dinner and he seemed to be staring off into space. He was a VERY aware blind person in this book.
Yeah, I don't think the family member/surgery thing happens but hey, this is fiction, right?

Nath - He'd only been blind for 5 years and he was an ER doc/surgeon before that so he did have some practice - thank heavens. I don't think I'd want an inexperienced surgeon cutting me open even if he was family. lol
Coming Home - The extent of the initial relationship that Nick and Ashley had had when she was 16 was really unclear. He had feelings for her but had known that since he was older and she was so young that she had her whole live ahead of her and took a prestigious job in another town. It says they kissed but I could never get a handle on how deep exactly the relationship was.

KB/KT - Familiar with it? It was the first I'd heard of it. Sounds....cold. lol

Chris - Holy shit I didn't even notice that. How sad since I noticed all the other similarities. No, NOT the same Ashley but it looks like the author likes that name a lot.

orannia said... As soon as I saw the phrase very little characterization with regard to the first book I knew it wasn't for me.

As for the second book....I'm sorry, surgeon or no surgeon, if you hadn't operated for FIVE FREAKING YEARS you wouldn't go straight back into surgery again. Was he the only surgeon around? *head desk*

And I didn't click that the same name was used for the heroine twice. And then there were lots of other similarities. How did the editiors not pick up on that?

And WTF were the condoms in these stories? STDs people? (And by people I mean the characters.)

Tracy said...

Orannia - Yes to all of that! lol
The condom issue - IDK - it's a big one for me but obviously not this author.