Saturday Song

So this video was supposed to go up last Saturday but...yeah, operator error on that one.  Sorry.  I didn't even notice that it didn't post until Monday. Duh!

This song is not my norm, at all, but it's a cute song though I have to say I like the song better when I'm not watching the video.  But this video is not to be missed.  Hot guy taking off his shirt?  Yeah, I'm all over that! lol  And you have to watch until the end but it's just too good!  Here's Carly Rae Jepsen singing Call Me Maybe.  Enjoy!


Tam said...

I really like that song but I'd never seen the video. The ending made me laugh. Too cute.

orannia said...

Very cute song. And the ending so made me laugh!

Tracy said...

Tam & Orannia - The ending made me laugh and my girls just didn't understand. "Why are you laughing Mom? Shouldn't the girl get the guy?" Me: Not always honey, not always. :)