Review: Sigma by Annie Nicholas

This review contains spoilers from books 3, 4 & 5

To defend and protect, at any cost.

Sam’s self confidence never recovered when he failed to protect his best friend Sugar from an attack months ago. The urge to guard the weak ran strong in his shifter blood. So much his pack gave him the position of Sigma, defender of the innocent and frail. Too bad he sucked at it. On his way home he becomes entangled in a vampire skirmish and is left with an injured female in his arms.

As a vampire accountant for Pal Robi inc., Clementine never imagined her master would ask her to commit corporate espionage. She’s discovered and shot but a shifter, made of her fantasies, comes to her rescue. In the few hours spent with him she’s lived more than the decades spent among her clan.

Hiding on the streets of Chicago, together they fight to stay alive but can a petite vampire female break through her hero’s jaded heart?

Sam's having a bit of a pity party. He's feeling unloved and unwanted and that's not good. He has been assigned to pick up his friend Sugar from her rehab. While on their way home they are almost run off the road by a woman who they quickly realize is being chased and shot at. Not one to leave well enough alone he follows, ok, on Sugar's insistence, and saves the woman.

The woman, Clementine, actually works for Daedalus and has worked for Pal Robi, Inc. for years as an accountant. She is thankful to Sam, especially when he pulls a bullet from back. When gratitude quickly turns to horniness their both more than happy to accommodate the other. They soon realize that neither one of them wants to be separated from the other but there are many issues and a hell of a lot of vampires that might keep them apart, including Daedalus.

Along with Clementine and Sam and their relationship, Daedalus and Sugar are trying to deal with the fallout from book 4 when Sugar was hurt to the point that she really doesn't want to stay alive.

Originally I was asked to read and review this book and started reading it without having read books 1-4. I could tell almost immediately that this was not a good standalone novella at all. I went back and read books 1-2 and then a couple of weeks later 3-5 in one day. While the first two novellas were good the last three really have a great continuing storyline.

There's the story that started in book 3 of someone trying to hire an assassin to kill Daedalus. Robert, who eventually gets with Esther takes her phone to try and track who the original email came from. We don't get to know who that email came from in book 3 but in book 4 more info comes to light. In book 4 the Vasi pack is attacked and Sugar, Daedalus's woman is hurt and almost dies. She's the only human in the house and isn't willing to become a vampire as she feels it will change who she really is. In book 5 she's come home after her surviving of the attack but now she's got a defeatist attitude and that's not sitting well with Daedalus.

The romance's in the previous books as well as book 5 is really abbreviated. The novellas have the couples quickly coming together and for some reason it really works because the rest of the stories are always interesting enough to carry them. I was lucky that I read the books close together and didn't have to wait any amount of time for the next book to come out cuz that might have made me a bit crazy. Lol

While the stories aren't too terribly deep – although book 5 is definitely more so – they're fun and worth the read.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Annie Nicholas


orannia said...

Lovely review Tracy! to start at the beginning with this series, yes?

Tracy said...

Orannia - Thanks! Yes, I think with this series you have to start at the beginning in order to follow it all.