Saturday Song

Here's a great big band version of Sleigh Ride by Steve Wingfield - love it!  Enjoy!


orannia said...

*dusts off cobwebs*

As I get older I find carols mentioning snow more and more during this holiday season I'm inevitably surrounded by heat (natural) and high humidity :) The thing is, most of the Western World celebrates the season during the winter, which is guess is the reason why there are no carols talking about sun and swimming *grin*

orannia said...

BTW I *heart* the Hawtness of the Month!

Tracy said...

Orannia - Isn't the hotness great? I love him!
Well, I think the whole cold thing came from Santa being in the north pole. They just think snow instead of sun. I guess that would seem a bit crazy to you, wouldn't it, not growing up in snow? We'll have to get a hot weather Christmas song going. lol