Review: The Impetuous Amazon by Sandy James

Megan Feurer is strong and impetuous, like the Fire element she represents. She is an Amazon, sworn to protect humanity from demons, demigods and all manner of supernatural beings who wish ill upon the world. But her fire burns hot and fast, and her unpredictable control of the element brings into question her fitness as an Amazon.

Johann Herrmann chose the life of a Sentinel—a trainer of the four Amazons—to save his sister’s life. Now bound to the patron goddess Rhiannon, he knows his duty demands a solitary existence. But when he’s assigned to evaluate the Fire Amazon, his sacrifice becomes much more difficult.

Megan’s passions ignite a flame that neither she nor Johann can control, and the goddess Freya has reason to fan those flames. A mysterious force is gaining power, and Megan and Johann must join together to fight. And once a passionate fire has started, it’s nearly impossible to stop…

Megan has been having a hard time keeping a low profile in Chicago and the patron goddesses aren't happy. Megan's Sentinel, Johann, is sent to Chicago to not only observe Megan but possibly try to teach her some control.

Any control that Megan had is blown sky high when Johann acts on his feelings. Johann has been in love with Megan for two years and Megan's felt about the same for him. There are obstacles in the way, however. A) Fraternization between Amazon's and Sentinels is about the biggest no-no there can be and B) Megan burst in to flames when she gets too sexually excited. That's fine for her since she's actually a fire amazon but no so great for Johann as he's getting burned – literally. With a little help from Frey Johann learns to overcome that last obstacle but they can't really do anything about the first.

On top of all of this there are teens missing from near Chicago and Megan and Johann investigate. They find a singer by the name of Maxsim Popov who seems to be the thread tying all of the missing girls together – they all were at his concerts right before they disappeared. Maxsim is a bad guy but he has backing by an evil God and that's never a good thing. Maxsim also wants Megan for his own and Johann, as well as Megan, has a huge problem with that.

This is a great second story in the Alliance of the Amazons series. We get to see Artair and Rebecca from book one as well as the other amazons – Water and Air. I loved watching them all get together and fight the bad guys as a team – well done.

The romance in this one is good but more of a building of something that's already there. No wine and roses for these guys because they're fighting demons – but when they get together – it's pretty explosive. The angt in this book is more the fact that the couple can't be together and that makes for some heartbreaking moments. I love how Ms. James describes these moments as they almost make me as if its me who is having their heart torn apart.

I liked the love story in this book, the fight scenes and the bad guys – that about wraps it up. :)

Rating: 4 out of 5

Sandy James


Sandy James said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Megan's story!! Gina gets her turn in The Brazen Amazon in May!! :D

Tracy said...

I did Sandy! Can't wait to see what happens next. :)