Review: The Highlander's Desire by Margo Maguire

Lachann MacMillan's watched his older brother, the laird of his clan, find a passionate marriage, but he suffers no illusions that his path will be the same--especially as the woman he loved was stolen from him years ago. He's ready to leave his homeland and make his mark. He'll even enter into a passionless marriage to the daughter of the Laird of Kilgorra if it means a chance at his own land…and leaving behind his painful memories. A simple enough plan until he meets Anna MacIver, a mere serving maid with the face of an angel who ignites a fire in him that is anything but angelic.

Anna has been a lowly servant in her uncle, the Laird of Kilgorra's home, since her mother died years ago. She has no envy for her cousin's matrimonial fate as observation of has taught her that freedom--no matter the serving chains--is far more precious that being under the command of a husband. But when Lachlann arrives to marry Anna's cousin, she finds herself longing for something she never knew she wanted. Together the maid and the highlander may find that some things are worth having, no matter the cost.

Lachann MacMillan’s goal is to protect his home, Braemore. His family lives there and he’ll do just about anything to take care of them – even marry a woman he’s never seen before. He’s made an agreement with the Laird of Kilgorra that Lachann will be made Laird if he marries the current Laird’s daughter. The agreement says, however, that the daughter, Catriona, has to make up her own mind. Lachann does secure permission, in writing, to take measures to try and protect the island and in doing so will protect the waters that lead to Braemore, thus protecting his family. Lachan REALLY wants the lairdship and has no qualms about marrying a woman he’s never met as he got his heart broken years ago and swore to never love again. (Yeah, I’ve heard that before! lol)

Lachann doesn’t particularly care for Catriona when he arrives but he’s a determined man. He is put off by the fact that his enemy, Cullen Macauley, is also in residence at Kilgorra and is courting Catriona as well. Lachann’s eye is actually caught by a serving girl named Anna and he can’t seem to get her off of his mind, nor can he seem to stay away from her.

Anna is actually the Laird of Kilgorra’s stepdaughter but when her mother died years ago it was like she was forgotten completely by her stepfather. Catriona, being the evil girl she is, relegated Anna to the kitchens and to being a maid. Catriona also has made Anna’s life a living hell for years and when she thinks that Anna might be getting attention from Lachann, she’s livid and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Anna is as attracted to Lachann as he is to her but as he’s slated to marry Catriona she tries to hold her feelings back –without any luck.

I’ve liked the novels that I’ve read from Margo Maguie and this one wasn’t any different. She also tells a good tale and as this one had braw highlanders in it, it was made that much better. lol I really enjoyed seeing Lachann discovering this new island he planned to call home. Getting to know the villagers, and starting the men to training for defense of the island, as well as taking care of any troubles that came up made me see him a great light. He was a kind, caring man who thought about others before himself. He knew that Catriona was his ticket to the lairdship but the more he got to know her the more he realized that he needed to get the lairdship without marrying the shrew. I was quite happy that he didn’t fall for any of Catriona’s tricks and saw that Anna would definitely be the woman for him.

Now I did have a little issue with the romantic element at first. Other than physical attraction the hero and heroine didn’t really know each other. It seemed that their feelings came out of nowhere other than lust and I had a hard time seeing where the connection was. However as the story went on I saw what brought them together and very much enjoyed their love story.

A good medieval read that’s for sure!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Margo Maguire

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