Review: Blue By You by Rachel Gibson

They say you never forget your first time, but there's nothing Blue Butler and Kasper Pennington would rather forget than their brief but fiery teenage love affair. Yeah, it was hot while it lasted, but then he went off to join the Marines, leaving Blue in New Orleans. She's tried to block him from her mind for good, but nothing can really erase the feeling she had when she was with him.

And now he's got the nerve to return—leaner, meaner, and strong enough to pull her into his arms and kiss her senseless. Blue's a successful businesswoman now, with no time to figure out what went wrong all those years ago. But Kasper knows she's the one woman for him … and now he's got to prove it to her all over again. 

Blue Butler loves her heritage. She's taken many years and much money to restore her family's Louisiana mansion and loves her life. She was married but is now divorced but has a 15 year old son who, during this story, is at his father's place for the summer. 

Blue was hurt in love way back when she was 18 years old but her neighbor Kasper Pennington. They met at a street bbq and fell for each other almost immediately. The problem with that was that their families had been enemies for hundreds of years. Blue knew that getting together with Kasper was wrong and talked herself out of spending more time with him. That was until the next day when he continued to pursue her and she couldn't hold herself back. Blue didn't see Kasper again after that day.

Now Kasper is home and restoring his own families mansion. The couple reunites but can the attraction and the emotions from 22 years earlier be reignited or will they go their separate ways?

This is a sweet novella of two people who are reunited after a very long time. The attraction hasn't died over the years but neither has the rivalry between their families. I loved that there was angst other than that which the two created but that some of it was from their family rivalry. It added an element that made their being together a bit on the forbidden side and that was exciting. Though the family rivalry has diminished over the years it was still there.

Kasper and Blue were lovely together. The flashback to when they meet and get together was just so adorable. Just two older teens (actually I think Kasper was 21) who met and got along wonderfully. I thought it was a nice set up to current times. I do wish that the relationship in current times could have been fleshed out a bit more as it happened quickly but I guess I can't have everything, right? lol

This is a standalone novella and one that I really enjoyed. It's one that is short but is worth reading.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Rachel Gibson

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