Review: Anything for a Dollar edited by Todd Gregory

What would you do to make a buck?

They are the objects of desire—dancing on the bar or on boxes at circuit parties, performing for either the video camera or their own webcams, or coming to you for a night of passion at a price.

But they aren’t gods. They are men with needs and desires of their own, fantasy men with fantasies of their own. Some of today’s top writers of gay erotica take on the notion of using your body to make a living—and the result is a collection of erotica so steamy it might burn your hands.

Handle with care!

This is anthology of short stories that tell us about men who would do, as the title says, anything for a dollar. Most of the stories include men who NEED the money rather than doing it because they want to – although they do end up enjoying themselves. These “jobs” ranged from modeling to prostitution to stripping to a man who is forced while in debtors prison.

The stories range from erotic/artistic that were interesting and made me want more to sloppy sex with purposely rude language that I think the reader was supposed to find titillating which I didn’t. There were a couple I didn’t enjoy at all but that may be just my preferences.

A couple of my favorites were:

In the Studio by Max Reynolds.
This story had a guy in art college pulling an ad off of the bulletin board that asked for a model for a “theatrical short.” He wasn’t sure what he was getting in to but when he got there it ended up being more than he expected. It was a very erotic story but told so well it was highly artistic and lovely while still being sad at the same time.

Penthouse by Jeff Mann
This was a cute and sexy story that showed us Jaime who is a mountain man/bit of a redneck. He has landed modeling jobs but he’s southern to the core. Jaime met Bjorn several years earlier and they have since carried on a relationship whenever Bjorn can arrange it (he’s married with a daughter). Bjorn is Jaime’s sugar daddy but the feelings between them are strong. This time it’s Jaime’s birthday and Bjorn gives him a wonderful gift – himself, permanently. A fun story that was humorous and down to earth.

The Conductor by Luke Oliver
This was another great story. A man falls asleep while working late and has a wonderful dream about doing all the actors from all the Batman movies. (hilarious scenario) Unfortunately he almost misses his train but manages to make it on board. The conductor comes by but his monthly pass is expired and he left his money at work. The conductor offers to have him “work off” the money which the man agrees to. They soon find they’re both huge comic book fans and this definitely plays into their sexual encounter. This story had me laughing out loud more than once and I thought it was great.

Overall it was a decent anthology. I could have done without some of the stories and others I wanted to keep going – while still others I thought were just the right length. It was an enjoyable read.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

edited by Todd Gregory

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