Review: How I Met Your Father by LB Gregg

The man of your dreams could be sitting right next to you.

Former boy band member Justin Hayes isn’t looking for a man. He just wants a quiet, scandal-free Christmas at home in Chicago, out of the public eye. But his best friend and bandmate is subjecting everyone to his destination wedding, and Justin can’t dodge the “best man” bullet. All he has to do is get to the island on time, survive the reunion, and get Chuck to the altar with as little drama as possible. What could possibly go wrong?

Jack Bassinger’s own plans for a quiet Christmas have been dashed by the summons to his daughter’s hasty wedding with a man Jack has hardly met. On the bumpy flight to the island, he finds himself comforting a nervous—and extremely attractive—young man. One hasty sexual encounter in an airport bathroom later, they both feel much better. No one ever has to know, after all.

Now Justin and Jack must find a way to explore their attraction, despite the distractions of disapproving family members, unexpected announcements, an impromptu concert, and an island paradise that proves there’s no place like home.

Justin is on his way to his friend Chuck’s wedding in Puerto Rico. Justin doesn’t like heights so flying isn’t his favorite thing. When the plane encounters extreme turbulence he’s more than a bit freaked out. He losing it when the man in the next seat over calms him by holding his hand. Justin is definitely gay but his worldwide persona is that of a straight man. He freaks even more after the plane lands and practically runs from the golden man who had his heart beating faster. He can’t get away that quick though and the man corners him in a restroom and they have a bit of fun.

When Justin finally gets to Puerto Rico he’s excited to see his old band mates (they were a very famous boy band at one time) but he’s not excited to see the father of the bride, Jack, who ends up being the man he had his oh so exciting encounter with at the airport. Jack’s only 44 years old to Justin’s 29 and that’s fine with Justin. Once he gets over his initial shock he can’t wait to taste more of what Jack has to offer. Of course once his band mates and Jack’s son find out about the two of them things aren’t so easy to deal with.

This was just a great story. I loved Justin and his sense of humor. I loved Jack and his confidence and the sensual pull he had on Justin. They were just perfect for each other and watching them overcome Justin’s mental obstacles was a joy to read.

The secondary characters in the story were awesome as well. The friendly and family-like banter that the band mates shared throughout the book just showed how much they loved each other. They stood by each other even when they wanted to slap one another. That’s how friends should be – no matter what happens they love you and stand by your side. Gregg did a wonderful job of creating a non-blood related family with Chuck, Justin, TJ and Matt. In fact so much so that I’d love to see more from these guys in the future.

Overall an excellent read and one I definitely recommend.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

LB Gregg


lbgregg said...

So glad you enjoyed the book Tracy! I like to think that there is a family you are born into; and a family you create through your friends. With the 20% of the proceeds of this book going to help homeless teenagers in NYC through the Ali Forney Center, I wanted to write a book about the family we can make--finding a home in the love and support that exists around you.

Is that drippy? LOL.

Thanks again, T.

Tracy said...

I don't think it's drippy at all. I love the family I've created with my friends and don't know what I'd do with them. Second to family they're the best family ever. :)