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Another week has passed and it was not a boring one around Tracyland this time.

First my oldest got sick on Veteran’s Day (last Monday) with a stomach virus and continued to be sick all week long. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone throw up that much in my life. I took her to the doc on Monday (she got sick over the weekend) but had to take her back yet again on Thursday because she was so dehydrated, etc. She’s finally back to her old self – it’s amazing how fast kids bounce back!

Second, on Wednesday night I wasn’t paying attention and ran into the end of a door. No big – sore toe, put ice on it, went to bed. I woke up the next morning with half my foot bruised looking like I had elephantitis. After a visit to the doc (we went to the doc a lot last week!) I found I had a broken toe. Not only that but one that’s in a really odd place and now I’m on crutches for two weeks. When I go back to get an x-ray if it’s not healed properly I’ll have to have a pin put in it. OMG! All this just cuz I was stupid and didn’t pay attention to where I was going! Ug. I have to laugh but it still pisses me off. LOL

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Alright, on to what I read last week: 

My first read was The Seduction of Lady Phoebe by Ella Quinn. This story was about Marcus who drunkenly makes a move on Phoebe who he thinks he’s in love with, but she gives him a bloody nose and a piece of her mind. Cut to 8 years later and Marcus is back in England and still wants Phoebe. She wants nothing to do with him but she can’t deny her attraction to him. The story is about their courtship and includes a villain, of course. ;) 3.25 out of 5 

Next was a freebie called An Intrepid Trip to Love by Charlie Cochet. The story revolves around Trip. Trip knows that Boone is his mate and has known for 20 years but it’s forbidden to mate with any Enforcer – Boone’s an enforcer. They can’t keep away from each other any longer and soon mate...and the shit hits the fan. This was just an adorable story. I thought it was sweet and funny and I really liked it. 4 out of 5 

Jagged by Kristen Ashley is the 5th book in the Colorado Mountain series. Zara and Ham have an on again off again relationship until Zara calls it quits. Three years later they start up again and this is their story. I’ll post my review of this one on Thursday. 3 out of 5 

Her Wolf by Rebecca Royce has Ashlee who thinks she’s crazy – literally – and Tristan who is a wolf shifter who has a spell put on him and put into a zoo. He starts talking to Ashlee telepathically and she thinks she’s really gone off the deep end. She is really just his mate and rescues him from the zoo. Turns out she’s a shifter too and is introduced to his family but a curse that his family thought was eradicated came back and now Tristan wants to kill Ashlee. This was a good story. It was the first in the Westervelt Wolves series and was a decent read. 3 out of 5 

I’ll Be Home For Christmas by Jessica Scott is a novella about Vic Carponti and his wife Nicole. They are a couple that was introduced in the first book of the Coming Home series. This takes us back in time to 2007 when Vic is getting deployed. He’s been deployed before but this one is different as not only are his friends getting hurt but he is too. The story centers around the deep love that Vic and Nicole have for each other and it was great. 4 out of 5 I’ll post my review this week.

Fall For Me by Sydney Landon starts with Beth announcing to her sister that she’s pregnant. She’s slept with Nick but expects nothing from him as she sees him as a player. She plans to raise the baby by herself. Nick is having none of it and plans to marry Beth. Beth also has severe eating issues. She lost 100 pounds – not the healthy way – and now that she’s pregnant she fears gaining it all back. I understood Beth and her eating disorder but I really didn’t like her and that brought the rating on this book waaaay down even though Nick was pretty darned great. 3 out of 5 (read for Book Binge) 

Next was A Duchess in the Dark by Kate McKinley. This was a short story about Daphne who is determined to sleep with the man she thinks she’s in love with so that her brother-in-law can’t naysay the engagement. She gets in the wrong bed though and when the duke finds out it’s Daphne he slept with he can’t marry her fast enough - she protests. This was very cute but didn’t have a whole lot of meat to it, being so short. 3 out of 5 

Last for the week was Taming a Wild Scot by Rowan Keats. The story has Ana being saved by Niall from certain death as she’s in a dungeon accused of murder. Months later Niall uses her to try and clear his family name and get their lands back. I thought it was a good medieval story and will post my review of this one soon. This is Keats's first novel. 4 out of 5


My Book Binge reviews that posted last week:

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