Are you a Grinch or a Griswold?

I have to say that I love going to see Christmas lights every year. There are a few areas in our city where the entire neighborhood decorates and it’s like a winter wonderland (one of the neighborhoods actually call their display Winter Wonderland!). It doesn’t snow here or even get too too cold so this is one way the kids and I get to think of an actual winter, with snow. 

This is a picture from one of the local displays

At home we kind of do the basics. We have large white bulbs strung along the roof’s edge all along the front of the house and we have a little reindeer that lights up as well as a snowman. We live on a hill and the way the house is set up you can’t really see that part of the lawn any time whether you’re going up the hill or down the hill so really those additions are just for our own enjoyment. In the end I’m not exactly a Grinch, where I put nothing on the house, but I’m not a Griswold either. :)

Are they Grinch-y or just funny and lazy?  lol

So what are you? Do you put up lights on the house for Christmas? Are you like Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation or are you a Grinch and don’t decorate at all? (which is good too, sometimes! lol) 


Tam said...

Some years I have put a string of lights around the garage door, but mostly, nah. It's a lot of work and it's cold here to do it. We have a street called Taffy Lane where they go INSANE decorating. There are a few houses in our neighborhood which are elaborate, but on Taffy Lane it's 90% of the houses that must have huge electrical bills in January. I like to look but being inherently lazy means that's as far as it goes.

Alyn Yang said...

I don't decorate at all and the grinch is awesome!

Tracy said...

Tam - I can't imagine trying to decorate the outside of my house with the snow and the freezing temps!

Alyn - The Grinch IS awesome. lol