Review: The Backup Boyfriend by River Jaymes

Professionally, Dr. Alec Johnson has almost reached his goals. As this year’s recipient of a humanitarian award with his ex, Dr. Tyler Hall, Alec’s work with the homeless is about to be recognized. Unfortunately, his personal life sucks because now he has to attend several events alongside Tyler—with his ex’s new boyfriend in tow. In an attempt to lift his mood and break out of his rut, Alec purchases a motorcycle he has no idea how to start.

Dylan Booth doesn't have time for Dr. Clueless and his fickle 1964 Harley, but the cocky mechanic can’t say no to the request for help. Having spent his teen years on the streets, and losing his best friend to HIV, Dylan decides teaching the do-gooder how to ride is the least he can do. But watching Alec flounder in his ex's company throws Dylan into protector mode, and the confirmed hetero introduces himself as Alec's new boyfriend.

The ex suspects Dylan is lying.

Alec claims Dylan’s plan is insane.

And Dylan’s not sure he can fake being gay.

Alec is devastated when his long time boyfriend and business partner breaks up with him.  He just doesn't know what went wrong and he's not sure how to handle the overload of emotions that are coursing through his system.  Alec needs a distraction the day he finds out that Tyler, his ex, now has a new boyfriend, just 56 days after the breakup. He decides to buy a motorcycle but he really doesn't know a whole hell lot about them in the practical sense.  He can tell you when it was made, by whom and that kind of thing but he has no idea what a wrench is and how to use it on his new ride.

He seeks help from Dylan who is a mechanic that another friend recommended.  Despite Dylan's busy schedule he agrees to help Alec with his bike and to teach him how to ride properly. The two men end up becoming friends and have a great time together. At one point Tyler comes by Alec's house with his new man and Dylan is there.  Dylan hates the way that Tyler treats Alec and gets protective of him, eventually spewing the fact that he and Alec are having sex.  Tyler's a bit blown away but accepts it.

During a party where Tyler is in attendance with his new squeeze Alec doesn't handle things well and Dylan, as the fake boyfriend, tries once again to protect Alec.  Dylan ends up kissing him but instead of hating it her thinks it just wasn't long enough.  Alec, in his drunken state ends up making his move and their sexual relationship heats up from there.  

Unfortunately Dylan isn't interested in anything more than sex with Alec and Alec is really a long term kind of guy.  

This was such a great book.  I really wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't read this author before but she really delivered.

Alec and Dylan's relationship was so captivating.  I loved the many layers to both men and the way they discovered them in each other throughout the book.  

Dylan had had such a horribly rough life and had made himself into something.  I had to admire his strength and work ethic.  He really was a great guy, he was truly confused about who he was and what he wanted out of a friendship/relationship with Alec.

Alec was also a likable guy.  He made my heart hurt with the emotions that he wore out on his sleeve.  He tried to hide them but they were so out there.  I just wanted to give the guy a great big hug. I adored how they finally worked it all out and was more than happy with the ending. :0)

The book was fun, funny, heart wrenching, sexy and wonderful.  I can't say enough good things about it and highly recommend it. 

4.5 out of 5

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