What I Read Last Week

Hi-di-ho neighbor!  How the hell are ya? 

The past week zoomed by once again. I'm home today with a serious migraine. (I've got my laptop screen brightness so low it's hard to see the darned thing - but it's oh so good on the eyes and brain.)

The excitement of my week was getting this:

That's Catch Me If You Can by LB Gregg...translated into Japanese!  So freakin cool!  It was such an awesome surprise to open my mailbox and find this.  

So on to what I read this past week:

I started off the week with All of You by Christina Lee.  This was a New Adultish book that had a nursing student and an artist in her building starting a friendship and then a relationship.  Avery only does one night stands, however, and Bennett is a virgin and only wants a long term relationship.  It made for a great story and it was pretty emotional for me. 4.25 out of 5 (read for Book Binge)

Next up was Lady Pirate by Lynsay Sands.  Valoree takes over her brothers ship when he is killed and the entire crew believes her to be a man (except 1).  After 5 years on the high seas she needs to claim her home and inheritance but the will stipulates she must be married and either have a child or be with child by the time she's 25 - which is like 8 months away.  The crew who now knows her to be a woman sets out to get her married off and that's when the fun begins.  Between face makeup made of cake batter, allergic reactions and fortune hunters it's not easy trying to be a lady and find a man.  The story was fun, funny and touching. I really liked Sands' historicals.  4 out of 5

Always on My Mind by Jill Shalvis is the story of Leah and Jack who have been friends for years and after a "fake" relationship fall in love.  The story was great and I loved it just like I have the other books in the Lucky Harbor series.  I'll post my review later this week. 4 out of 5

Heart's Truth by Tamsin Baker is an m/m story about a man who is out and proud and the younger man he falls for who hides the fact that he's gay and that he's with Marcus from his friends and family.  It's a sweet sexy story that I really liked.  4 out of 5 (read for Book Binge)

Caught by Menace by Lolita Lopez is a sci-fi story about military men who "grab" their brides.  Menace is on the tail of one woman, Jennie, but Naya and Jennie have plans to get out their planet and not by being grabbed.  Naya saves Jennie but Naya is caught.  Menace and Naya end up starting to like each other but Naya's past catches up with her and the two may be torn apart forever.  I really liked this book.  Yes, there was a ton and a half of sex but the story was very good and had me turning page after page.  4 out of 5

Last for the week was Lady in Red by Maire Claremont.  The story of Mary who was put into a mad house by her father, escapes and wants revenge on her father.  The man who helps her loves her, though he denies it, and soon realizes that Mary just might ruin herself if she goes after the revenge she seeks. Not a completely fulfilling romance but I like the rest of the book. 3.75 out of 5

My Book Binge reviews that posted last week:
Ablaze by Morgana Black
Unexpected by Maisey Yates

Happy Reading!

Review: Heavy Metal Heart by Nico Rosso

Rock Star. Front man. Demon. A descendant of satyrs and the lead singer in a band that feeds on the energy of its audience, Trevor Sand is growing weary of the constant need to perform. He needs the legend of the Muse—a woman destined to be a demon’s eternal companion and only source of sustenance—to be true.

Misty Grant has never been bold, but when Trevor singles her out among hundreds at a concert, she takes him up on his explicit offer. During an erotic night in his hotel room, she learns that his touch is as electric as his lyrics. But when Trevor’s demon is aroused, her desire turns to horror and she runs.

Knowing that he’ll die if he loses her, Trevor must find Misty before his enemies do. But even if he can save her, he knows that regaining the trust of his fated Muse will be his greatest challenge.

Trevor Sand is an elemental descended from satyrs. He and his friends who are in his rock bank live and breathe off of the energy that the audiences produce. They have lived for thousands of years and will continue to live as long as they can feed off this energy. Trevor and his band mates, Lee and Wolfgang, have heard of the legend of the Muse. None of them actually believe that one woman exists that can feed them for the rest of their lives – without the need for the audience. That is until Trevor meets Misty.

Misty is a huge fan of Trevor Sand and his band. She feels that the songs that Trevor sings have been written specifically for her and when she heads to a small venue that they’re playing she’s thrilled to see Trevor notice her. After the gig Misty seeks Trevor out and they head back to his hotel where sex abounds. Trevor is so excited to actually see and know that his Muse exists and that he’s found her that he shows Misty his true form. Being the smart girl she is she takes off but is soon attacked by Trevor’s enemies who wish them both dead. Trevor shows up and saves Misty and that begins a night of the two getting to know each other, Misty getting to know how she has been changed – both emotionally and physically – and many other run ins with the bad guys.

This was an interesting story. I liked the idea of the elementals and I understood from the story that he had come to be more…substantial from the music that he would play and that would feed him. I just wasn’t quite sure how the demon part of Trevor came into it. I might have missed that explanation but I’m not sure I did. If that could be explained further – maybe in future books – that would be great.

Trevor and Misty’s relationship was fast, like, really fast. The whole book takes place over the course of a night and you would think that it just wouldn’t work but Rosso really did a great job bringing the couple together and making it work within such a short time period.

I do have to say that almost all of the hotel scene, when Misty goes with Trevor after the show, had this kind of transcendent existential feel to it that I really wasn’t digging. I get that Trevor’s not human but the conversations between Misty and Trevor were just odd, imho. I couldn’t get into them and that really ruined the first sex scene for me as I wasn’t feeling the connection between the two characters.

Overall it was a good first story in the series. I’ll be reading further books and look forward to seeing what happens next.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Nico Rosso

Saturday Song

Let's go back in time to 1990 and listen to a little Alannah Myles with Black Velvet, shall we?  (I was in a store this week - heard this and wow did it bring back memories!) Enjoy!


Review: The Volatile Amazon by Sandy James

Sarita Neeraj has never felt like a real Amazon. Compared to the obvious strengths of her sisters, her Water powers seem small as her stature. She’s determined to prove herself—unfortunately, all that gets her is captured by an enemy.

Ian serves a twisted goddess, preferring this to an empty afterlife. He’s taken Sarita hostage to coax the other Amazons from their safe haven. But in his ancient Scottish castle, the passion and love Ian finds for Sarita resurrect his honor, until he chafes at the dark will of his mistress.

Sarita has finally found happiness—but before she can enjoy it, she’s “rescued” by her furious sisters. To save Ian from destruction at the hands of the Amazons, Sarita must risk wielding magick that could change her very nature. Only then can she prove the Water Amazon is the strongest of the four—and save them all from destruction.

Sarita is the Water Amazon. She is one of 4 women who protect humanity from evil. Unfortunately she’s always been thought of as the weakest of the four Amazon’s and she hates that fact. She’s also quite jealous of the fact that the other three women have found the loves of their lives and are just happy, happy, happy. Ug. She really doesn’t want to see all of the happy couples around because she knows that she’ll never have that.

The God’s send Sarita off to Scotland on a mission to entrap a demon. She completes her mission but then gets captured by a highlander by the name of Ian who is working with the ex-Earth Amazon Helen. Helen wants to rule the world but Ian just wants revenge on Artair Mackay who he blames for his death (Ian was recently resurrected from Limbo to help her cause). Ian takes Sarita to his home in Scotland that has been spelled by Helen so that Sarita can’t contact her sisters and they can’t contact her. Sarita starts to actually like Ian as she sees that he’s been fooled into believing things about Artair and Helen both that are wrong. She tries to get him to see the error of his ways and in the meantime the two fall in love.

Once Sarita is rescued she finds that Helen’s taken Ian’s memories away and he doesn’t remember her at all. She still wants him in her life but how can she be with him when he’s working for the side of evil?

Oh we’ve followed an interesting road throughout the Alliance of the Amazon’s series and this was not less interesting. We got to see Sarita and Ian falling in love and trying to find their paths back to each other. I loved the way that things worked out so that everyone had their HEA and the evil was thwarted. Ms. James really packed a punch with this book and took a woman who was looked at as the weakest and made her the strongest of the bunch – such a great dichotomy.

The love scenes, the romance, the fight scenes, the scenes with the Goddesses – just about everything about this story was really good. We got a wonderful romance and an interesting wrap up to the whole series all in one fell swoop and it was definitely worth reading.

Rating: 4.25/4.5 out of 5 

FYI - The Reluctant Amazon, book 1 in the series, is currently free on all sites until Oct. 7.  A great way to start the series!

Sandy James 

Review: Headfirst Falling by Melissa Guinn

Falling in love. It doesn't seem to fit, like falling shouldn't be used in conjunction with love. We don't fall gracefully. In fact, there's nothing graceful about it. We crash into things—hit them hard, bounce around, give ourselves cuts, bruises or break bones… And it's never planned. It takes you by surprise. You lose control.

Charlie Day fell in love with Jackson Stiles a long time ago. But that was before he and her brother enlisted and went to Iraq. Before Jackson came back different. Before they told Charlie her brother would never come back at all.

A lot of things have changed since then. But when Jackson takes a job at the company where Charlie works, she discovers that one thing hasn't changed—the spark between them. She's not sure she can love this new Jackson, or forgive him for the part he played in her brother's death. It's too bad for Charlie that, with love, you don't always have a choice. 

Charlie is a girl who is dealing with a lot. Her life if kind of in a tumble since her brother died in Iraq and the man she loves, her brothers best friend, comes back alive. Charlie wants to be with Jackson but he feels he's too messed up for her. He thinks that he doesn't deserve her and won't let her in. Charlie is stubborn though and keeps pursuing him. She also consumes waaay to much alcohol to try to cope with her nightmares.

Jackson finally decides that he can't stay away from Charlie any longer and they begin a relationship. Charlie is still dealing with her anger and sadness and though they go strong Charlie has underlying issues with Jackson being alive and Adam being dead.

The story really focuses on Charlie which was a complete turnaround from what I thought would happen. From the blurb I thought for sure that the issues would be Jackson having PTSD but that was not the case at all. Charlie was dealing with some incredibly bad emotional turmoil and some of the events in the book, having to do with a former co-worker, just made it worse. Then there was stuff with Charlie's dad that was happening and it just really became too much for the girl. 

I really liked Jackson for the most part. Yes, he had his issues from being in Iraq but he was dealing with them well – at least I thought he was. Charlie was a girl who loved her family and didn't deal well with emotional upset. On the outside it seemed like she had her shit together but she really didn't. When it came down to it she didn't want to deal with things at all and just wanted to check out.

The story was incredibly dark and I wish I would have gotten a bit more heads up on that from the blurb. I had no idea how angsty this would be and frankly it was almost a bit too much for me. I know that there are people out there who love the angst present and just have the hits just keep on comin but I don't think I'm one of them. I believe that if it had been Charlie dealing with Adam's death I could have dealt but there was just that much too much for me to truly enjoy it. I did think that the writing was good and I enjoyed that part of it (see first paragraph of blurb for example) so that was a bonus. 

Overall a good story but too dark and angry for me.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Melissa Guinn

Review: One Lucky Vampire by Lynsay Sands

Luck be a vampire tonight . . .

When Nicole Phillips agreed to hire a housekeeper, she pictured someone a little frumpy and almost certainly female. Instead, she gets gorgeous, unmistakably male Jake Colson. The man is proving indispensable in the kitchen—and everywhere else. Except Jake might not be a mortal man at all.

. . . and every night

Who wouldn't want to be a tall, dark, powerful vampire? Jake, for one. He's barely had time to adjust to his new state before he's roped into a family favor. Still, secretly playing bodyguard to sweet, sexy Nicole is turning out to be the wildest ride of his life. First he'll put a stop to whoever's targeting her. Then he'll prove that this kind of love, and luck, happens only once in an eternity. 

Jake Colson was turned into an immortal without his consent three years ago. He was raised by Immortals – though he didn't know it until he was 18 years old – and had been resentful and distrusting of them for years after he found out. When he was 51 he was attacked and almost died. His boss Vincent, also an immortal, turned him in order to save his life but he was bitter and considered himself a monster. He left everything he knew and everyone he loved behind in California to take a job in Ottowa, Canada. Working as a bodyguard he's not thrilled with his work but when Marguerite Argeneau comes to him and asks him for help he agrees. He will be a bodyguard to Nicole but act as her cook/housekeeper. Marguerite believes that her soon to be ex-husband is trying to kill her and Jake will be there to thwart any more attempts.

Nicole is ready to be a free woman. She finally left her husband and after receiving therapy realizes that she never really loved the man in the first place. She told herself that she would start dating after a year but when that time came she realized that she wasn't ready and told herself to take another 6 months. That's until Jake comes to be her employee. She finds him attractive if not a little annoying as he won't seem to let her do anything on her own. When several more “accidents” happen she finally realizes that her life is in danger.

Jake is shocked when he finds he can't “read” Nicole as this is a sign of her being his life mate. The problem is that after he was turned he closed his ears to anything having to do with being an immortal except how to eat and survive. He has no idea what being a life mate to Nicole will encompass, but the sex seems great so how can it be wrong. Jake just needs to save Nicole and then he can think about being with her forever.

This was a pleasant read. In the story we got to see plenty of Argeneau and Notte characters from previous books, we got to see life mates meet up and have their shared pleasure during sex and black out, we got a bit of humor, but really nothing like I've come to expect in Sands' books, but the story was just ok. 

Nicole seemed like a nice girl and Jake was a nice guy. He was a bit delusional about what becoming an immortal was all about but when he was telling Nicole about it he realized that he wasn't any different than he was before. The veil was raised from his eyes and that was nice but not too earth shattering. 

I wish I could say something more exciting about it than that but that about covers it. I really like the Argeneau series and hope that future books have more to recommend them.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Lynsay Sands

Review: Destiny's Surrender by Beverly Jenkins

The child he didn't know he had . . .

Andrew Yates has come to a decision: it's time to stop sowing those oats and start a family. But searching for a bride isn't as simple as he'd hoped, and many of the respectable women of his acquaintance feel . . .lacking. Then beautiful, feisty Wilhelmina "Billie" Wells arrives at the family ranch with a toddler in her arms, claiming Drew is the father!

The woman he didn't know he loved . . .

Billie had no choice but to show up at Destiny in search of Drew. For the sake of their child, she's willing to leave him with his father so the boy can have a better life, but then, before she can blink, she's saying "I do" in front of a preacher in a marriage of convenience. All Billie and Drew have in common is the heat that brought them together, but can their sizzling passion lead to an everlasting love?

Drew had been making time with Billie – a whore in San Francisco – for about 2 years. He takes off for Mexico with the thought that he would find himself a wife. He doesn’t have any luck but when he returns he sees Rosaline Ruiz and starts courting her. He heads to the bordello where Billie works but she’s gone. He’s told by Prince DuChance, son of the owner of the bordello, that he has no idea where she is – which is a lie.

Billie has been a whore for almost 10 years and she’s not ashamed of what she does. When she finds out she’s pregnant she obviously has no idea who the father is but she decides that she wants to keep the baby but asks Pearl, owner of the bordello the Black Pearl, if she can find a good home for the child. Pearl agrees that Billie will give up the child when it’s a year (as so many babies didn’t live longer than that). She works on her back until she starts to show and then does work around the bordello scrubbing floors and other work. When she’s in her 7th month she goes to live with Addy who was the housekeeper at the bordello. She’s treated well there and when she gives birth she’s immediately attached to the child – something she had no idea would happen. When she sees the birthmark on the child’s back that is an exact replica of the one that Drew has on his back she immediately knows who the father of her child is. When Prince DuChance comes to get the baby after a year Billie doesn’t want to give him up and runs to save herself and her child, Antonio.

Billie heads to Drew’s family home (I think somewhere around Stockton, maybe?) for protection for her child but interrupts Drew’s engagement party. Drew isn’t exactly happy to see Billie even though he once treated her like a queen. When she says that the toddler is his he flips out and gets angry but not as angry as he gets when his fiance’s mother breaks off his engagement. Drew and Billie are barely civil to each other but end up getting married and eventually come to grips with the rest of their lives. Drew starts to see Billie as the kind, giving woman that she is and Billie starts to see some of the man that she fell in love with years ago. Unfortunately with Prince DuChance still after Billie life will not be quiet.

The main characters:

Drew was what I would think of a regular guy. Though his family had wealth he worked as a lawyer and enjoyed it greatly. He wasn’t a man tied down to a woman so being with Billie whenever he felt like it was great. He was so kind to her – buying her pretty clothes, giving her side money that her madam didn’t know about, teaching her to read, it was all very sweet. That was until Billie ruined his engagement. Wow – did that guy have a temper, or what? Of course he met his temper match in Billie but I still thought he could have been nicer. Once he wrapped his mind around things and finally realized that his life had changed completely he opened himself up to his feelings for her and turned into a nice guy again.

Billie was wonderful. I so liked that woman. She had gumption and she wasn’t about to let anyone bring her down. She wasn’t ashamed of being a whore – even after she was married to a wealthy land/ranch owner. She knew who she was and you could take it or leave it. She loved wholeheartedly and that gave her many gold stars in my book. 

The secondary characters were no less interesting.  We met Drew's mother who was a wonderful grandmother, Drew's brother and sister-in-law and a couple of minor additions to the story.  All of them were well written.

The way the book was written we got excitement and intrigue at the beginning and the end of the book and then romance and settling in at the ranch in the middle. The middle wasn’t any less good but it was definitely more staid than the other two parts. This was my first book by Beverly Jenkins and I’ll be picking up more of hers in the future (I have to find out what happens with Drew’s brother, Noah!).

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Beverly Jenkins

What I Read Last Week

Another interesting week in Tracyland. There’s just never a dull moment! Among the many other things that happened: my daughter went on her first date. OMG talk about nerve-racking – she’ll be 16 in a couple of months but…still! The boy (her boyfriend) is very nice though so I wasn’t too worried and it was just dinner and a movie. I dropped them off and the boy’s parents picked them up – she was home by 10. Why do I feel so old? lol Here they are before the date. My girl had her eyes closed but the other one I took while they were in the back seat of the car looks pretty funny – he looked like a deer caught in headlights and she looked like her head was about 5 times too big for her body. lol 

I've still got a couple of giveaways going at the moment - click on the links to go to post to enter:
A print copy of Steam Bath: Sweaty Gay Erotica edited by Shane Allison
My 5 Star Read (so far) Giveaway
A print copy of The Hardest Thing: A Dan Stagg Mystery by James Lear (US Only) 
Congrats to Rowena who won Protector by Joanne Wadsworth!

Anyway, on to what I read:

I started off with the upcoming book Snowbound with the CEO by Shannon Stacey. This is a short story/novella that tells the tale of a man and his assistant that are stuck in a hotel in a blizzard unexpectedly. Each has been attracted to the other for a while but both have kept it on a professional level…until now. The story is about their weekend together and the things that happen once they get back to work and their everyday lives. It was a good one and I really enjoyed it. 4 out of 5

The Hardest Thing: A Dan Stagg Mystery by James Lear was a different kind of read for me. There was very little romance so that’s a big change but also the man character, Dan, was very promiscuous and for some reason it just worked for me – which it normally doesn’t at all. Because of this I really didn’t think that any kind of relationship that happened in the book would work but I still enjoyed it all immensely. You can read my full review here. 4.25/4.5 out of 5

Grabbed by Vicious by Lolita Lopez was a sci-fi romance. Due to an agreement between worlds men of one planet can come enter a Grab. Girls are chosen (I was a little unclear about how – lottery?) and then they are corralled and let loose to run, or not, away from the men. If they are Grabbed then that means that they are now married. Primitive but it works in this story. One girl is Grabbed when she doesn’t want to be but soon succumbs to Vicious’ attentions in bed and they soon fall in love. There are a few other things that happen but it was a decent, entertaining read. 3 out of 5

The Captain’s Promise by Susanne Matthews is the story of a girl of royal blood who is in love with guy when she is just 16. He goes off to be a soldier but he makes a promise to her father to always look after her. When he returns 10 years later and finds her in a big predicament he goes about trying to help her. It was a good story that had it’s issues. 3 out of 5 (read for Book Binge)

I Only Have Eyes For You by Bella Andre was my next read. I was sadly disappointed by this book. I mean, I liked Andre’s writing as in previous books and I liked the premise but when all the sex was taken out there just wasn’t a whole lot of story left over. What was there was good. I’ll post my review for this next week. 3 out of 5

Last for the week was a novella called Single Wolf Female by Jessica Sims. Alice was co-Alpha with her brother Chase but he died. She has to get a new alpha but she’s out of family members. This means she must mate the new alpha. Unfortunately a guy named Roscoe who is mean and nasty wants the position. Alice heads to a shifter dating agency and ends up finding Jackson who is an alpha who runs his pack of two. He takes the position but getting to know a stranger that’s going to be your mate plus dealing with a pissed off Roscoe makes for some strange days. The story was a good one. I really liked all the characters in the book and I very much appreciated that Sims didn’t have the h/h falling in love in a day. When the book ended you could see that it would happen but there were no I Love You’s spouted and that was awesome. :) I definitely need to read more in this series. 4 out of 5

My Book Binge reviews that posted last week:
The Week Before the Wedding by Beth Kendrick

Happy Reading!

Saturday Song

I love this song by P.O.D. called Beautiful.  The words just make my heart ache and make me smile at the same time.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Review: The Hardest Thing: A Dan Stagg Mystery by James Lear + a Giveaway

Once a major in the U.S. Army, Dan Stagg fell afoul of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. In his late 30s, tall, and muscular, Dan is prone to violence, always upholding what he views as justice. He’s offered a great deal of money to protect the young male secretary of a powerful real estate broker. The vain, shallow—but most of all hot—young man’s idea of protection includes sex. Dan quickly realizes something strange is going on: he’s being used as a shield for a much more sinister operation and must chose between easy money and sex or the ideals that he embodied in the Army. Why should he do the right thing—particularly when the army betrayed him?

Dan Stagg is working as a doorman/bouncer at a club when he runs into a bit of trouble and he gets fired. He is then approached by a man who wants him to be a bodyguard for a “secretary” that needs to get gone for a while. Dan is given $10,000 and the promise of $20,000 more when the job is completed. For a man who has nothing and has no prospects this looks like the job from heaven.

Dan meets Stirling MacMahon – the secretary – who is so obviously not a secretary. He’s adorable and Dan can’t keep his hands off the young man. They travel, screwing their way north, but soon run into trouble and Dan, being the smart guy he is, soon figures out that he’s been played. The people who hired him didn’t want him to succeed and when a hit comes down on his and Stirling (who says his real name is Jody) and then Jody is taken he has to use all of his smarts – and his ass – to fix it all.

The Hardest Thing – which is gay erotic fiction – is a pretty great book. I hadn’t read anything by Lear before so I wasn’t sure what to expect but the blurb was intriguing enough to make me want to read it.

I found Dan Stagg to be a pretty complex guy when I sat down and thought of him after finishing this book. On the one hand he was sensitive when it came to relationships. I believed he truly wanted love and a home with the man of his dreams, he fantasized about it enough, but he just hadn’t found that special one yet. Despite all of the arrows pointing AWAY from Jody, because let’s face it he wasn’t really relationship material, Dan finds himself thinking of a future with the man. I gotta give him props for seeing underneath Jody’s surface and seeing a man worth having under all the bleach and self-tanners because frankly I didn’t think Jody was a good match for him AT ALL. Of course then there was Dan’s sex drive which was the size of….the universe. lol He was not afraid to hit anything wearing pants that was willing and ready – despite his feelings about Jody. He was a horny bastard and despite being with Jody umpteen times a day he was still up for some rednecks at a roadside gas station. His promiscuity was his way of dealing with the let downs that life had thrown him (again, as well as being incredibly horny) and it made me ache for something more for him. IDK, there was something about him that I found to be very charismatic and because of this I was completely involved in the story. The way this character was written just captured my attention and his sensitivity mixed with his abrasiveness created a duality that I liked reading about.

The story having to do with Jody, why he was traveling, his boss, his bosses minions and what all the background was interesting. There wasn’t truly a mystery here – at least IMHO – but it was well written enough to keep my attention. I’ll be reading more about Dan Stagg in the future. You all know I’m normally a die-hard romance reader. While this wasn’t a romance there were enough relationship intimations to keep this romance girl happy.

Rating: 4.25/4.5 out of 5

James Lear 

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Review: Runaway by Sandy James

Forced to flee her abusive fiancé, Cassandra Shay’s disappearance into Montana territory is delayed when she discovers her fiancé and uncle’s plot to murder her illegitimate brother and another innocent cowboy.

Ty Bishop hates the Shays, but accompanies Jake Curtis to meet Jake’s newfound uncle, Derrick Shay. Ty’s suspicions are confirmed when he and Jake are imprisoned and left to drown. After Cassie frees them, the men travel with her for her own protection.

When they arrive in Montana, the locals are horrified to discover a Shay in their midst, but Ty is drawn to Cassie like no other and is determined to win her heart. Despite her strong attraction to Ty, Cassie knows she must keep her distance to protect him from the hired guns the Shays send to retrieve her.

But their love will not be denied, and they must fight for justice before forging their future together.

In book one of the Safe Havens series Jake Curtis finds out that he is part of the Shay family of San Francisco. They are very wealthy but his father was an evil man. In this book Jake gets “summoned” to the Shay holdings in SF and he heads out from his home in White Pines, Montana with his best friend Ty Bishop. When they arrive they find that they aren’t welcome and the Shay family is soon attempting to murder them both. The two men are saved from certain death by a woman who ends up being Cassie Shay. She is actually Jake’s half-sister but she doesn’t share that bit of information with anyone. She is running away from her life and an arranged marriage to an abusive man twice her age. Ty is immediately drawn to Cassie and takes it upon himself to protect her.

Ty and Cassie soon make it to White Pines and Cassie believes she’s found her home. She loves everything about the town except that Ty’s adopted family doesn’t exactly welcome her with open arms – actually the opposite. They know that Ty’s attached to the woman but all they see is the Shay family dynasty coming down on their heads when the Shay’s try to take Cassie back.

There are many different suggestions as to how Cassie can permanently get away from her family but in the end it’s Ty who come through for the woman he loves.

The premise of this book is one that I’ve read before – woman trying to escape her controlling family and an arranged marriage…man protects her – but I have to say I really liked Ms. James’ spin on the whole thing.

Ty Bishop was just a guy. He was a man who worked on a ranch and had gotten his circumstances changed by a twist of fate. He was lucky that Adam Morgan had taken him and Jake Curtis under his wing and Ty worked hard at Adam’s ranch. He was a simple man with simple needs and I loved that he didn’t try to put on airs for Cassie. He knew she was educated but when she used words he didn’t know the meaning of he wasn’t afraid to ask what it meant. It may have pinched a little in the pride area but he was who he was and I appreciated the fact that he was written to be a regular guy. I did have an issue with Ty when he figured out he loved Cassie and instead of wallowing in the joy of it he acted out and got mad at Cassie – like it was her fault. Why he didn’t do that later in the book was a little confusing but I guess he couldn’t be obstinate for the rest of his life. lol He learned. :)

Cassie Shay had been raised in wealth but certainly not in love. Her father was an evil man and had locked her and her mother in the closet on a regular basis. Her uncle tried to control her and control her grandfather’s money and that’s why he was trying to marry her off to his “business” partner. That didn’t really work out for him in the end – which was fantastic.

The story flowed very well and was an easy read. Ms. James has a way of weaving a tale that pulls you in and makes you want to keep reading. It’s a good thing I had some time on my hands. :) This was a very good western historical that I would recommend.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Sandy James 

Review: Defiant in the Viking's Bed by Joanna Fulford

Consumed by revenge—and desire! Captured by his enemy and chained like a dog, Leif Egilsson has one thought in his mind: revenge. He'll no longer be beguiled by the treacherous beauty of Lady Astrid, and her innocence, which he so craved, will finally be his.

On his escape, this fierce, proud Viking is bent on making her pay the price of her betrayal—in his bed! Only, Astrid has the heart of a warrior, and she will not be tamed as easily as he believes.

Astrid is a noblewoman who is promised in marriage to a horrible man. Her uncle, another horrible man, has arranged it all and it’s all political for him. Astrid, who was once asked by Leif Egilsson if she would be his mistress and declined, now tells Leif that she would happily be his mistress if he could just get her away from her fiancé. Unfortunately Leif, who is no friend of the uncle’s or of any of his acquaintances, is captured and is made a slave. He’s also made to believe that Astrid had a hand in his capture and the betrayal burns along with his anger until he’s rescued. He doesn’t leave without Astrid though and seeks to humiliate her as he was humiliated – by having her become a slave both in and out of his bed.

Astrid knows that Leif is angry but tries to make him believe that she had no part of the previous events. He eventually believes her and doesn’t bed her until she’s willing. They begin a relationship but when Astrid become pregnant she wants marriage and that’s one thing that Leif refuses to give her.

The characters:
Leif was a good guy who had been thoroughly screwed up by his first wife who tried to kill him. He swore he would never marry again and he meant it. Even Astrid’s pleas couldn’t get through to him at first. Yes, he was stubborn but he had good reason to be and was smart enough to think about what people said and know that they’re right and he’s wrong.

Astrid was wonderful. She had led a pretty good life until her uncle arranged that horrible marriage and was a kind and loving person. She was attracted to Leif but not willing to be his mistress until she was desperate. Once that happened she quickly fell in love, which was to be expected. I loved how she stood up for herself and when she made up her mind to do something nothing would stand in her way. She took a stand for what she believed was right even when it broke her heart to do so. She was a great heroine.

Oh how I love a good Viking tale! This had all the elements I adore – fierce and true Vikings, damsel in distress, avenging of honor, and of course in the end, love. If you love Vikings like I do then you won’t want to miss this one.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Joanna Fulford

What I Read Last Week

Hey there everyone! How are you? Life here is…interesting. I won’t get into details but I’ll say there’s never a dull moment. lol


I currently have a few giveaways going on the blog…
**A digital copy of Protector by Joanne Wadsworth – book 1 in the Magio-Earth series. (YA)
**A print copy of Steam Bath: Sweaty Gay Erotica – an anthology of m/m short stories edited by Shane Allison. (this giveaway is US Only)
**My 2013 5 Star Read Giveaway – a list of my 5 star reads (so far) and you can win 1 of them in digital fro the book seller of your choice. 

**And…I’ll have another one coming up this week so check back!

Also, the winner of Blue Hydrangeas by Marianne Sciucco was Crystal C-B – Congratulations! Crystal I’ve already passed your email address off to Marianne so you should get your book soon if you haven’t already.

On to what I read last week:

First up was a novella in Elder Races series by Thea Harrison called The Wicked. The story was about an Owl shifter who was working on security while a group of magical librarians got ancient tomes off of Carling Severin’s island. It was a really good novella. 4 out of 5

Next was Steam Bath: Sweaty Gay Erotic edited by Shane Allison. This was an anthology of short stories all centered around bath houses. Lots of sweat, and lots of sex. :) You can read my review here. 3.75 out of 5

Rumors That Ruined a Lady by Marguerite Kaye was historical romance based around a woman, Caro, who is married and has left her husband. Her hubby then spread rumors about her that were NOT true. Her “friend” Sebastian helps her and saves her life and they end up falling in love. It was a much darker book than expected but really great. This one comes out next month and isn’t to be missed. 4 out of 5 (Is it just me or does the lady on the cover look like Annette Bening??)

My next read was one of the free reads that All Romance eBooks put out in their Fall in Love series giveaway called Tied and True by Marie Harte. The story is about a woman who hears her coworker spouting off that he has a “money shot” of her. She breaks into his house to get the pic but ends up tying him to the bed for most of the weekend to have her way with him. It was a decent short story – and it was free! lol 3 out of 5

The Volatile Amazon by Sandy James is book 4 in the Alliance of the Amazon series. This book follows Sarita the water amazon and her pretty much star crossed relationship with a highlander named Ian. It was a pretty great book and a great end to the series. I’ll post my review of this one next week. 4.25/4.5 out of 5

Edenbrooke (A Proper Romance) by Julianne Donaldson was a great little historical that follows Marianne Daventry as she heads off to Edenbrooke to visit with her sister who’s also visiting there. She meets Philip one of the sons of Edenbrooke but she has no idea that this is the man that her twin sister Cecily has her eye on. The romance is very sweet and I loved watching Philip and Marianne together. 4 out of 5 

(Never) Again by Theresa Paolo is a New Adult story about a girl who is in her first year of college when she meets up with her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. The book is about her dealing with him, her current boyfriend, her virginity, her brother and others. It was a decent read but I did have some issues with Liz and her manic way of dealing with her life. 3 out of 5 (read for Book Binge)

Lycan’s Mate by Chandler Dee is a short story about a woman/alpha of her pack who is gearing up for the “chase” that will decide who her mate will be. The story is strange and short and kind of leaves you hanging. I was just feeling like it might be something I could get into and then it stopped. Odd, very odd. 1 out of 5

Last for the week was Runaway by Sandy James. This is book 2 in the Safe Havens series. The story is about heiress Cassie Shay who saves 2 men from death – death that her uncle ordered. Those two men, Ty Bishop and Jake Curtis then help Cassie escape from her family who wants her to marry a evil abusive man twice her age. Ty and Cassie fall in love on their way back to White Pines, Montana but the welcome they get in White Pines from Ty’s adopted family isn’t all hearts and butterflies when they find out that Cassie belongs to the Shay family.  I’ll post my review for this one this week.


My Book Binge reviews that posted last week:
Fighting Fate by Linda Kage
Not Planning on You by Sydney Landon
The Untamed Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley

Happy Reading!

My 2013 5 Star Reads (so far) Giveaway

I’ve read some really great books this year. I know that the year’s not over, and I’m sure I’ll read 1 or 2 more before the end of December *crosses fingers*, but I wanted to highlight the ones I’ve read so far and just loved. Some were new releases and others years old.

The giveaway is as follows:

I’m going to tell you about my 5 star reads so far and then you will have the chance to win ONE of those books in e-format from the ebook seller of your choice.  

Angel’s Dance by Nalini Singh

The gentle teacher of angelic young, and the keeper of her people’s histories, Jessamy is respected and admired by everyone who knows her. Yet, born unable to soar into flight, she has spent thousands of years trapped in the mountain stronghold of the Refuge, her heart encased in painful loneliness…until the arrival of Galen, warrior angel from a martial court.

Rough-edged and blunt, Galen is a weapons-master at home with violence, a stranger to the sweet words it takes to woo a woman—but he is also a man determined to claim Jessamy for his own, to dance with her through the skies denied her for so very long…even if their exhilarating passion proves as dangerous as the landscape of war and unrest that lies before them.

Angels’ Dance previously appeared in the anthology, Angels’ Flight .

I just adored this novella. I loved Galen. I loved Jessamy. I really loved their story and the way Singh wrote it. This was so very good, and definitely worth reading.

Just Like Being in Love by Steve Kluger

A high school jock and nerd fall in love senior year, only to part after an amazing summer of discovery to attend their respective colleges. They keep in touch at first, but then slowly drift apart.

Flash forward twenty years.

Travis and Craig both have great lives, careers, and loves. But something is missing .... Travis is the first to figure it out. He's still in love with Craig, and come what may, he's going after the boy who captured his heart, even if it means forsaking his job, making a fool of himself, and entering the great unknown. Told in narrative, letters, checklists, and more, this is the must-read novel for anyone who's wondered what ever happened to that first great love.

This is a total re-read for me but definitely worth adding to this list. Awesome story. I adore Kluger’s writing and his characters totally rock. You can read my 2009 review here.

Son of the Morning by Linda Howard

A scholar specializing in ancient manuscripts, Grace St. John never imagined that a cache of old documents she discovered was the missing link to a lost Celtic treasure. But as soon as she deciphers the legend of the Knights of the Templar -- long fabled to hold the key to unlimited power -- Grace becomes the target of a ruthless killer bent on abusing the coveted force. Determined to stop him, Grace needs the help of a warrior bound by duty to uphold the Templar's secret for all eternity. But to find him -- and to save herself -- she must go back in time . . . to fourteenth-century Scotland . . . and to Black Niall, a fierce man of dark fury and raw, unbridled desire. . . .

Awesome read! Holly recommended this one and I was not disappointed. You can read my full review here.

Down London Road by Samantha Young

It has always been up to Johanna to care for her family, particularly her younger brother, Cole. With an absent father and a useless mother, she’s been making decisions based on what’s best for Cole for as long as she can remember. She even determines what men to date by how much they can provide for her brother and her, not on whatever sparks may—or may not—fly.

But with Cameron MacCabe, the attraction is undeniable. The sexy new bartender at work gives her butterflies every time she looks at him. And for once, Jo is tempted to put her needs first. Cam is just as obsessed with getting to know Jo, but her walls are too solid to let him get close enough to even try.

Then Cam moves into the flat below Jo’s, and their blistering connection becomes impossible to ignore. Especially since Cam is determined to uncover all of Jo’s secrets …even if it means taking apart her defenses piece by piece.

This is book 2 in the On Dublin Street series but it was my first read by this author. I can’t say enough good things about this book –seriously. You can read my full review here.

It Happened One Midnight by Julie Anne Long

More than one beautiful woman’s hopes have been dashed on the rocky shoals of Jonathan Redmond’s heart. With his riveting good looks and Redmond wealth and power, the world is his oyster—until an ultimatum from his father and a chilling gypsy prophesy send him hurtling headlong toward a fate he’ll do anything to avoid: matrimony.

Intoxicating, elusive Thomasina de Ballesteros has the bloods of London at her feet. But none of them knows the real Tommy—the one with a shocking pedigree, a few too many secrets, and a healthy scorn for rakes like Jonathan.

She is everything Jonathan never wanted. But on one fateful midnight, he’s drawn into Tommy's world of risk, danger…and a desire he’d never dreamed possible. And suddenly he’s re-thinking everything...including the possibility that succumbing to prophesy might just mean surrendering to love.

I love the Pennyroyal Green series – especially the later books. I adore Long’s writing. You can read my review here.

Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh

A dangerous, volatile rebel, hands stained bloodred.
A woman whose very existence has been erased.
A love story so dark, it may shatter the world itself.
A deadly price that must be paid.
The day of reckoning is here.

Love Singh. Love her books. One of my most favorite authors.  My full review here.

Salvage by Meljean Brook

A man who’s lost everything returns home to find that not only is his marriage in jeopardy, but he must now fight air pirates who intend to steal his one remaining treasure — his wife.

This is book 3.5 in the Iron Seas series. This novella is in the Enthralled anthology so you would get the anthology as the prize – also includes stories by Lucy Monroe, Lora Leigh and Alyssa Day.

This was so very good! I loved Thom and Georgiana both. I loved the situation they were in because it brought them closer. I loved the awesome senses of humor that Brook gives her characters. Can you tell I loved it? lol If you don’t read any others in this novella I definitely think no one should miss this one.

Guardian Demon by Meljean Brook

After a terrifying encounter in Hell destroys her trust in Michael, the Guardian’s powerful leader, former detective Andromeda Taylor is ready to call it quits as one of the angelic warriors and resume her human life again. But when demonic forces threaten her closest friends and she uncovers a terrifying plot devised by Lucifer, Taylor is thrown straight into Michael’s path again…

To defeat Lucifer, Michael needs every Guardian by his side—and he needs Taylor more than any other. The detective is the key to keeping his own demonic side at bay, and Michael will do anything to protect her and keep her close. And when Taylor manifests a deadly power, her Gift might tip the scales in the endless war between Heaven and Hell…or it might destroy them both with a single touch.

Another of my favorite authors. This was so damned good and a wonderful end to the series. My full review here.

Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke by Suzanne Enoch


Sophia White knows she will never marry into polite society. The illegitimate daughter of a nobleman, she works at the Tantalus Club, a discreet establishment for gentlemen—and her only suitor is a pastor who wants to save her soul. So when Sophia is invited to spend the holidays at the estate of Adam Baswich, the devilishly handsome Duke of Greaves, she is delighted—and determined to enjoy her last nights of freedom before surrendering her hand…


Inviting Sophia for Christmas is a daring courtesy on Adam’s part, but he soon finds the pleasure is all his. Sophia is beautiful, courageous, and stubbornly self-sufficient despite her scandalous circumstances—and not at all the kind of woman he could possibly marry. Adam knows he must find a wife by his thirtieth birthday or he will lose his fortune. But can he defy convention—and convince Sophia—to risk it all in the name of true love?

Awesome story. This is definitely a book that I recommend. I closed the book with a huge satisfied *sigh* and a big smile on my face.

A few 4.5 star reads that I think are definitely worth mentioning. I'll add these in the giveaway as well.

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah Maclean
Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt
Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs
Big Boy by Ruthie Knox
Beauty and the Blacksmith by Tessa Dare (novella)
KC, at Bat by Tom Mendicino
Knight Errant by KD Sarge
How to Marry a Highlander by Katharine Ashe (novella) 

Join the giveaway by adding your name to the Rafflecopter but be sure and leave a comment on this post telling me which book you would want if you won. Have fun!

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Review: Steam Bath: Sweaty Gay Erotica edited by Shane Allison + a Giveaway!

Steamy encounters in the bathhouse have been the stuff of erotic legend for centuries, just ask Spartacus! Shane Allison turns the stereotype on its ear in Steam Bath, a rollicking romp of pretty boys and dashing daddies doing it. From fresh faced twinks to silver foxes and beautiful bears, Shane delivers sensational stories where every man is naked ALL THE TIME! A towel-snapping good read, Steam Bath is filled with sizzling porn bodies, sexy boys next door, and tantalizing tricks that fully capture the erotic dynamic of between men. Rob Rosen turns up the heat once again in his new tale, “The Key.” A young detective sets out to investigate the disappearance of a young twink, but finds more than what he ever thought imaginable in Logan Zachary’s “Incubus Steam.” A tattooed bad boy gets taught a “hard” lesson in Eric Del Carlo’s “Steam Punk.” A mind is not the only thing that gets blown in Rafaelito V. Sy’s “Raf’s Journey.” Things get hot and heavy when a college professor and one of his horny students stumble upon a European steam bath in Jarrett Neal’s “The Chaperones.”

I have to admit that the thought of a bathhouse is certainly fascinating to me and frankly more than a bit titillating. The thought of the freedom that gay men find in these stories was enough to hook my interest and make me turn each page.

A couple that stood out to me were:

Incubus Steams by Logan Zachary – the story of a cop investigating missing men and finding himself thoroughly patted down instead. This had a very strange ending that I’m still kind of confused about but it’s definitely stuck in my head.

The Gay Dude by Gregory L. Norris was longer than the rest (except for one other) and was pretty funny, hot and sexy. This was about three friends not understanding one friend being gay and trying to figure out where the new boyfriend fit in in their band of musketeers. While a very cute story the overuse of the word “dude” just about did me in. :0)

The Real End of It by Shaun Levin was an interesting blend of sex and reality. A man who was madly in love with Martin in previous years but they parted ways. Now many years later they hook up again at a bathhouse but the man looks at Martin with different, changed, older eyes and frankly wonders why he was ever enamored and how he can now feel nothing for the man. The story was told in first person and I found it an interesting view.

The stories encompassed in Steam Bath are definitely filled with all ages, shapes and sizes of men. All of the stories were certainly fun, sexy and most assuredly sweaty. I really enjoyed some of the stories while others were a bit on the sex overload for my liking – which I should have expected in an erotic anthology but maybe I just needed to take a break. lol I liked them all but as in all anthologies I liked some more than others. If you’re looking for some sweaty gay erotica then this is definitely the book for you.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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What I Read Last Week

Another week has gone by. We had a pretty quiet week with a fun weekend. Waterslide and potluck at church and my youngest especially had a wonderful time.then my oldest had some friends over for jumping on the trampoline, swimming and some LOUD games on the Wii. Fun…and exhausting. :) Here's my youngest doing a somersault on the waterslide.


How was your week? Do anything especially fun?

So I started out the week with Against the Ropes by Sarah Castille. I had a like/hate relationship with this book. The story is about Makayla who meets Torment, the owner of a gym where they have unsanctioned fights. She’s immediately attracted and he is as well. He’s just a regular guy who is very cool. She works at a hospital in admitting but has her EMT certificate. She’s incredibly low on cash and agrees to work at the gym doing first aid during fights to earn extra money. The two hit it off and I liked where it was all going. Torment however is actually a millionaire named Max who becomes…well, kind of an asshole with serious control issues. Yes, during the book we find out why he has those issues but still – wow. Makayla has an event from her past that haunts her and Max’s need for control in the bedroom sets her off and scares her. IDK, the story was decent but I really had problems with the characters at different times. Makayla at times was just TSTL and Max was at times nice and then a controlling bastard. I think this is one you have to read for yourself and decide how you feel. 3.25 out of 5

Next up was Foxy Lady by Marie Harte. Book 3 in the Cougar Falls series and this is about the town Sheriff, Ty, heading off to help Julia out of what he believes is a sticky situation. The problem is that some rednecks think they own the town and the oldest son wants Julia for his own. Julia and her family are also hiding a deep dark secret. This was a good one with lots of ins and out and action. 3.5 out of 5

Dear Rockstar by Emme Rollins. This is a New Adult story about a girl who is obsessed with a particular rock star so when his younger look alike walks into her school she’s floored. She decides that she likes him for him though, and not because of who he looks like. The book is about Sara dealing with her family, her issues with her obsession and her relationship with her boyfriend Dale. I really liked this story a lot. Dale had his own secrets that he never shared with Sara which I thought he should have shared but he had his reasons. I think there’s another book either out or due to be released that will follow up with them – I’m looking forward to it. 4 out of 5 

Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke by Suzanne Enoch is almost a year old. I bought it when it released and I’m ashamed to say it sat there for almost a year. (Of course I have many others that I’ve bought and ignored but we won’t get into that.) Anyway, this story is about Sophia who is the daughter of a lady’s maid and a duke. She has secured her independence by working at the Tantalus Club but her “father” got word of this and went to see her (for the first time in her life). He said that she was an embarrassment to him and she would go marry a vicar in Cornwall or he would use all of his power to shut down the Tantalus Club. Sophia agrees as she knows he’s powerful and she doesn’t want the club closed down. A lot of other women had found their independence there as well and she wanted that to continue. She accepts an invitation to a Christmas house party given by the Duke of Greaves. She knows she’s only invited as the shock factor but one thing leads to another and she finds herself with the duke for 2 weeks before any of the other guests arrive. Of course they fall in love. Ok, this was an awesome book. I loved Sophia so damned much. She was wonderful and I couldn’t get enough of her. I really liked Adam as well, even though he had his moments where I wanted to punch him to get his brain functioning properly. This is definitely a book that I recommend. I closed the book with a huge satisfied *sigh* and a big smile on my face. 5 out of 5

Last for the week was Tethered by Meljean Brook. This is book 2.5 in the Iron Seas series and follows, once again, Archimedes Fox and his now wife Yasmeen Corsair-Fox. The story is about the pair being forced into a dangerous rescue by Archimedes’ old partner, Miles Bilson. I really liked the way the book was set up and of course getting to read more about Yasmeen and Archimedes and their adventures. Good book. 4 out of 5


My Book Binge reviews that posted last week:
The Switched Baby Scandal by Theresa Meyers

Happy Reading! 

Saturday Song

Here's Parachute with Can't Help for your Saturday listening pleasure. ;)  Enjoy!


Review: Blue By You by Rachel Gibson

They say you never forget your first time, but there's nothing Blue Butler and Kasper Pennington would rather forget than their brief but fiery teenage love affair. Yeah, it was hot while it lasted, but then he went off to join the Marines, leaving Blue in New Orleans. She's tried to block him from her mind for good, but nothing can really erase the feeling she had when she was with him.

And now he's got the nerve to return—leaner, meaner, and strong enough to pull her into his arms and kiss her senseless. Blue's a successful businesswoman now, with no time to figure out what went wrong all those years ago. But Kasper knows she's the one woman for him … and now he's got to prove it to her all over again. 

Blue Butler loves her heritage. She's taken many years and much money to restore her family's Louisiana mansion and loves her life. She was married but is now divorced but has a 15 year old son who, during this story, is at his father's place for the summer. 

Blue was hurt in love way back when she was 18 years old but her neighbor Kasper Pennington. They met at a street bbq and fell for each other almost immediately. The problem with that was that their families had been enemies for hundreds of years. Blue knew that getting together with Kasper was wrong and talked herself out of spending more time with him. That was until the next day when he continued to pursue her and she couldn't hold herself back. Blue didn't see Kasper again after that day.

Now Kasper is home and restoring his own families mansion. The couple reunites but can the attraction and the emotions from 22 years earlier be reignited or will they go their separate ways?

This is a sweet novella of two people who are reunited after a very long time. The attraction hasn't died over the years but neither has the rivalry between their families. I loved that there was angst other than that which the two created but that some of it was from their family rivalry. It added an element that made their being together a bit on the forbidden side and that was exciting. Though the family rivalry has diminished over the years it was still there.

Kasper and Blue were lovely together. The flashback to when they meet and get together was just so adorable. Just two older teens (actually I think Kasper was 21) who met and got along wonderfully. I thought it was a nice set up to current times. I do wish that the relationship in current times could have been fleshed out a bit more as it happened quickly but I guess I can't have everything, right? lol

This is a standalone novella and one that I really enjoyed. It's one that is short but is worth reading.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Rachel Gibson