What I Read Last Week

Hey there!  Hope your week started off well.  

Nothing much happened this past week except a lot of reading so I'll get right to the books I read:

First I read The Experts Guide to Driving a Man Wild by Jessica Clare.  The story focuses on Grant and Brenna who have worked together for years and constantly bicker.  When Grants family comes to visit and his mother starts harping him about dating Brenna steps in and pretends to be his girlfriend.  Relationship ensues.  A great story about opposites attracting and trusting in the one you love.  Good story.  You can read my review here.  4 out of 5

Next up was Forged in Steele by Maya Banks.  This is book 7 in the KGI series and focused on Steele who works for KGI and his falling for a doctor named Maren.  They hook up but she's then kidnapped and Steele has to find her and then never let her go.  It was a decent book but I didn't think there was enough background on the love story.  We were brought in when he already had feelings for her - which was good and bad.  3.75 out of 5 (read for Book Binge)

My next read was a paranormal story called Scared of Spiders by Eve Langlais.  It's about a woman who has nightmares about spiders and hates them with a passion.  She goes to work for werewolves who find that she's their mate.  Unfortunately there really is a giant spider after her and he's psycho.  This wasn't a bad story - just pretty predictable.  3 out of 5

After the Storm by Maya Banks is book 8 in the KGI series and this one, while parts were really good the romance was rushed completely.  Donovan fell in love in 2 days and became a bit of an overbearing jerk.  If the romance had been drawn out more this could have really been a great book.  You can read my review here. 3 out of 5

Simple Perfection by Abbi Glines.  This book has Woods' father dying and him inheriting all.  He turns into a complete jerk who was on overly possessive ass with Della.  I couldn't read that much before I just had to stop. DNF

Hope Flames by Jaci Burton was my next read.  The story is about Emma who is a vet and opens a veterinary clinic in her hometown.  She has no plans on dating anyone after her past with a controlling idiot until Luke McCormack, hot and sexy cop, comes into the clinic with his dog Boomer.  The story was sweet and fun and I really liked this one.  4 out of 5 (read for Book Binge)

Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry is a YA book that I read about on Leslie's blog and had to read.  The story follow Echo who is senior in high school who is dealing with a memory loss.  Her mother tried to kill her but she's blocked out that entire day and the docs think that her mind needs to remember on its own so no one will tell her what happened exactly.  She meets Noah who is a foster kid and they strike up a friendship and then so much more.  This was a really great book. The emotion in this one was wonderful and I couldn't wait to read the next book.  I did think that things were wrapped up a tad bit too pat with her father at the end but it still all worked for me.  4.5 out of 5

Crossing the Line by Katie McGarry is a novella in the above series.  Lila was Echo's best friend in the previous book and has been writing letters to Lincoln, a guy she met only once in her life. When she finds out he lied to her she's ready to call it quits until he shows up on her doorstep.  Good story.  Pretty short but still emotionally charged. 3.75 out of 5

Last for the week was The Bride Says No by Cathy Maxwell.  Tara is to marry in London but decides that the love she left behind in her hometown in Scotland is the man she really wants.  She escapes London 3 days before her out of his marriage contract?  This was a decent read that I had some issues with.  I post my review later this month.  3.5 out of 5

My Book Binge reviews that posted last week:

Happy Reading!


Rowena said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed Pushing the Limits and Crossing the Line. I really, really liked those books as well. I'm pretty sure you'll like Beth and Isaiah's books as well. I heart Ryan and Isaiah!

I'm looking forward to reading The Bride Says No by Cathy Maxwell. I've been reading too much contemporary, I need some historical lovin' too.

Tracy said...

Wena - I did love those books - and Dare You To as well. Good stuff. :)