Review: Blind Wolf Boxed Set by Aubrey Rose

Julia has never been on a date in her life. She's a curvy girl with no money, no education, and no way out of the town she works in as a library assistant... until Damien shows up. He's just like the prince charming Julia always imagined would sweep her off of her feet. There are just a few things standing in the way of true happiness: he's blind, he's dating someone, and he's WAY out of her league.

Oh, and he's a werewolf.

Damien lost his eyes two years ago in a wolf battle. Ever since then, the straggler pack of disabled wolves he leads has been searching for a place to call home. One house seems like the perfect choice, but Damien realizes too late that the person who lives there is the girl he met at the library. The human girl. Damien is torn between loyalty to his pack and raw lusting desire for the girl who haunts his dreams day and night.

She's a human. How could she be his true mate?

The blurb is actually a pretty good set up for the story. Once Julia and Damien meet he realizes pretty quickly that Julia is his mate but he's confused about the fact that she's a human. Wolves and humans just don't mate – ever. Despite that he's all in but tell her he's a shifter is a bit tricky. She reacts like any normal person would and freaks out but eventually accepts it. She's pissed at some lies he tells but forgives him soon enough, they mate and they think it's all butterflies and rainbows. Unfortunately there's another pack that wants Julia because she's not just human after all.

The first book is pretty much Damien and Julia's getting to know you period and romance. Book two has Julia getting kidnapped by a different wolf pack so that they can mate with Julia who's a special kind of shifter (but can't shift). Book three shows us Julia's frustrations with not being able to shift and what she goes through to try and change that. Book four is the culmination of it all when yet another pack attempts to tear Damien and Julia apart and almost succeeds.

I have to say that I love a good shifter romance. Having the characters who are shifter actually SHIFT is a definite plus in my book. This one had a plethora of shifting and I loved that.

Damien and Julia's relationship for all of it's ups and downs ended up being a strong one. I can't say that I ever really truly felt their connection but I could tell that it was there. Because of the fact that I didn't feel their connection all that strongly I ended up skipping their love scenes after the first couple I read. I know that's horrible – ok, I would skim them but they didn't feel like they were furthering the story for me so felt gratuitous.

I liked Damien and his determination in keeping his pack together. I also loved the fact that he was blind and yet had so many followers. That showed me that he was a stand up guy and a good leader.

Julia felt whiny to me at times but came through with strength in book four. I could appreciate what she was going through throughout the stories but yeah, still a bit whiny. She wanted nothing more than to feel more connected with Damien as he could feel her emotions and she couldn't feel his. Once she had this though she constantly was thinking how she wanted to be alone with her thoughts and block Damien out. Make up your mind, woman! Lol

The secondary characters in the stories were good support. I especially liked Jordan who was Damien's best friend – and who was in love with him. Despite the romantic love he felt for Damien he never resented Julia or the love that Damien and Julia felt for each other. I loved that. The other pack members had their issues but in the end came through for their Alpha.

In the end I'm glad I had all four stories at my fingertips and could read all four novellas as if they were just one book. I think I would have gotten frustrated with the series had I read them at separate times as each story starts off exactly where the previous stories ended (actually in the same scene). Book four was definitely my favorite of the four books, even though it was darker it was more emotional and that was a good thing. The stories were entertaining and kept my attention for the most part so that was a good thing.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Aubrey Rose

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