Review: A Heart Too Proud by Laura London

Such men have brought many an honest girl to ruin, but young Elizabeth—country-bred and city-green though she might be—was no man's fool. This diabolically handsome, devilishly rich Lord Dearborne, who set the most jaded tongues wagging, would just have to be content with his customary society strumpets. How dare he—as her family's benefactor—assume such liberties with her and yet call himself a gentleman! What cheek of him to bathe her in his slow, longing glances, to caress her with his languid smile, to make her heart flutter under the warmth of his gruff, gorgeous whisper. She knew well such roguish libertines never fell in love—and she would prove it to him even if it broke her wildly willful heart.

Elizabeth and her younger twin sisters have been cared for for the past 11 years by their deceased father’s employer. After their parents died was kind he supplied them with an income and they lived in a small cottage on his land. Unfortunately he died and their future was uncertain. That was eight months ago. Now the new heir and owner, who is a distant cousin, has come to take up residence for a time. He also brings his ward who is actually his nephew.

Elizabeth and her sisters become great friends with Christopher but Elizabeth can’t seem to get her mind off of his uncle, Lord Dearborne. Strange things start happening around the house when Dearborne takes up residence and Elizabeth is more than intrigued. Unfortunately she doesn’t quite know when to leave off finding an adventure and eventually the bad guy who were in the shadows come in to the light and Elizabeth gets caught up in it all.

This is my first book by Laura London and it was cute. I have to say that I really liked the writing style and the story was very sweet. Sadly the love story left me more than wanting.

Elizabeth may be the granddaughter of a Duke but she was born and raised in the county. She is a country girl through and through and is sweetly innocent. Here comes the rake, Nicky Dearborne, and she’s a bit bowled over. I can totally see how that would happen as he’s cool, aloof and handsome. Elizabeth spends the majority of the book with Christopher, the nephew, and her sisters with a few adventures on the side and a few interactions with Nicky but nothing too earth shattering. Ok, maybe it was earth shattering for Elizabeth as she’s so extremely innocent but in the scheme of things? Not so much.

The couple spends the majority of the book apart with Elizabeth believing that Nicky hates her. He does nothing to clear this up and frankly I couldn’t quite see how they could fall in love when they barely knew each other. Besides that, their personalities were so polar opposite that I couldn’t truly see the relationship working for the long haul. I saw Nicky getting bored very quickly.

So, while I enjoyed reading the book, and again, really liked the writing style and the characters, I didn’t care for the romance. This is a romance novel so not caring of romance is kind of a problem for me.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Laura London


SidneyKay said...

Tracy: Your first taste of Laura London. This one was their first novel, written in 1977. I hope you are planning on reading The Windflower. When you do, I'm looking forward to your opinion of Cat! There is a difference in the writing style from the 70s isn't there?

Tracy said...

Sidney - I think I have it but haven't ever gotten to it. I'll have to check my shelves and let you know after I read it.

The writing style is SO different from the 70's! :)

SidneyKay said...

Tracy: I really recommend The Windflower. It's Sharon and Tom Curtis' aka Laura London's best. And it is full of wonderful language, a hero who irritates me, an adorable heroine and one of the best secondary characters ever! Their publishing company is celebrating the books 30th anniversary by releasing in in ebook format in May.