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What I've Been Reading This Week

Hey there!

I hope you all had a great week. My was fairly good overall.

My youngest did it again. She kicked butt and took names and got her orange belt in Taekwondo. She really is doing a great job. I, of course, am a horrible mother and forgot the damned camera! She went up first thing too so I didn't have time to run home and get it. I suck, I know. My hubby took a couple of shots with his blackberry and 1 came out ok but most came out pretty blurry. I'm gonna post a few anyway cuz I'm so proud of her.

Here's what I read this week:

I started off the week with The Mane Event by Shelly Laurenston. I really enjoyed her Magnus Pack series so I thought I'd venture over to the Pride series. While I was overwhelmed with love they were definitely cute. The Mane Event had 2 stories in the book. The first was Christmas Pride which Dez, an NYC cop and Mace a shapeshifting lion who has had his sights set on Dez since he was 14 years old. There was a murder involved in the story and some other conflict but overall it was more sex than story. The second story, Shaw's Tail, involved Shaw, a shapeshifting lion and Ronnie Lee, a shapeshifting wolf. Talk about mixed breeds. lol Ronnie Lee is trying to settle her life down from the craziness of her youth and Shaw is a wealthy hotel owner. Besides their breeds they really don't have a whole lot in common. This was a really cute story - when the h/h spends the day together and the story shows them going from activity to activity it was highly amusing and very enjoyable. 3.75 out of 5

My second read for the week was Lord of the Highlands by Veronica Wolff. This was a book that I will review for The Book Binge - I'll let you know when the review posts.

Next up was Bastards and Pretty Boys by KZ Snow. A gay man who's not quite happy in his 5 month relationship buys a summer home on a lake. His neighbor is hottie mchot hot but he's not gonna stray...until his "boyfriend" tells him that he's been with other men. He's positive that's sealed the door on the relationship and moves forward with his neighbor. But his neighbor has some secrets of his own. He's an ex-con and he's got a man pretty much stalking him. This was a great 74 page read. KZ just has a great way of phrasing the simplest words and making them wonderfully emotional. 4.25 out of 5

After that I read To Tempt the Wolf by Terry Spear. This was an impulse buy while down at the UBS (the first time) but it being a shape-shifter book it was high on my list to read. The story covered Tessa who's brother is convicted of murder - but she knows he's not the murderer. Then she finds a naked man on the beach who ends up having amnesia. Not knowing who he is doesn't stop Hunter from making a bargain with Tessa. She will let him stay at her place and he'll find out who was the real murderer. Who Hunter really is? An Alpha wolf from a pack that has pretty much deserted him. He falls for Tessa, even though she's not one of his kind and he can't mate with her. On top of all this there are humans being turned to wolves, bad wolves stalking Tessa, Hunter's sister is missing and there's buried treasure! It is a lot in one book but Terry Spear pulls it off in a way that, hell, it could happen. lol Anyway, an enjoyable read. 3.75 out of 5

My Tracy's TBR Challenge read for the week was Sleeping with the Fishes by Mary Janice Davidson. My friend gave me this book a couple of years ago and there is has sat on my shelf. And I have to say...after reading it I could have let it sit there a couple of more years and not missed it. The first chapter almost had me putting the book down. Fred, the half mermaid, half human is such an incredible bitch I wanted to slug her...yes, in the first chapter. I did finish reading the book since it was so few pages but I can't say I enjoyed it too much. I didn't care abotu Fred, the sea prince, Artur or the water fellow, Thomas. If you don't care about the characters, do you really care about the story? For me? No. 2 out of 5

The Dickens with Love by Josh Lanyon was released on December 1st and I scooped that puppy up right away. It was 97 pages of wonderful Lanyon goodness. From the first meeting between the two men, to the crazy things that happen (yes, there's an ocelot involved) I was riveted to my ereader. The story of a lost Dickens novel, a newly uncloseted son of a vicar and a tainted antiquarian is one that I will probably read every year at Christmas time. I think the love and self-awareness that the characters experience was very moving and this is a story I would definitely recommend. 4.5 out of 5

I read a yaoi manga this week. It was ZE1 by Yuki Shimizu and I have to tell ya, that was pretty odd. A guy who's grandma has died goes to live in this house but he finds out that half of them are dolls and take away pain. It was truly bizarre but the graphics were pretty darned good. The main character's story was just touched upon in this volume but I'm not sure I want to read any more - IDK, I'll have to think about it. 2 out of 5

My last read for the week was another book from my shelves that's been there a long while and that is Black Ice by Anne Stuart. I have to tell ya - I loved this book. From the heroine who seems kind of weak at first but is truly the hero who is working undercover for the good guys but the line between good and evil is so thin he's not sure where it crosses over anymore. Just a fantastic read. There were a couple of minor discrepancies (editing issues) in the book which were a little annoying but nothing that took away from my overall enjoyment. I will definitely be reading more from this author in the future. In fact I have Fire and Ice on the shelf so I won't have to go buy anything. :) 4.5 out of 5

Happy Reading and have a great week!

What I've Been Reading This Week

Hello there! Are you completely shocked that I'm actually getting this post done on Sunday? Me too! lol I have time today, which is amazing and wonderful.

I've discovered that I live in hell. No, really. It's pretty here but the heat is killing me! :) You guessed it, it's been really hot here this past week. Summer has finally hit us. It went from about 101 (f) on Monday to a whopping 110 today. Remind me why I live here again?

We're going on vacation and we're going to go see my sister who lives in Kansas City, MO. The girls, my parents, my niece & I will leave Friday evening and I'll be gone a week so I'll be busy this week trying to get things ready. I'm trying to load as many books as I can on my ereader so that I won't have to take too many print books with me but I'm sure I'll take some. Besides seeing my sister I hope to have time to meet up with Sarai - fellow blogger, book lover and DIK Lady - who lives in KC, MO. Hopefully we can find time to at least meet since I'll be so close.

So what did I read this week?

First off I started with yet another Yaoi Manga that I was sent by Tam. In case you're wondering Kris has been holding the Great Yaoi Swap (or pass the parcel) and that's why I'm getting all the goodies. It's pretty darned cool actually. I get pressies from far off places and then ship them off to far off places. It's like I'm living vicariously through my mail. :) Anyway, this one was called But I'm Your Teacher by Yoshino Somei. I didn't care for this one as much as the first. This one was much more graphic than the first one I read but that wasn't the issue. It was just the artist had a lot of drool and fluids leaking about - mouths and *ahem* other places I wouldn't imagine I'd like to see fluid and that was just well, weird. Also, the stories just didn't cut it for me. A couple were cute while a couple others were just disturbing. Not my cuppa but not horrid. 3 out of 5

Next I read What Happens In London by Julia Quinn. *sigh* such a good book. My thoughts here.

After that I moved on to the latest installment in the Betsy the Vampire series by Mary Janice Davidson called Undead and Unwelcome. These books are not very long at all and unfortunately I found myself skimming a lot at the beginning of the book because I was bored. This story took off right where the other left off. Betsy is taking Antonia (the werewolf) back to her pack to be buried and things are uncomfortable to say the least. The Vamps and the Weres aren't really getting on all that great. Then Betsy's sister Laura starts losing her mind and if you've been reading the books you'll know that that is not something that we want happening! The story definitely got better as it went on which was great. I just wish the books were longer! lol 3.5 out of 5

After that I started on a book that Lori re-read for her Re-read Challenge and I ended up borrowing becuase it sounded good. She was right, it was. It was called Sweetheart, Indiana by Suzanne Simmons and follows the story of Gillian Charles who is an heiress but it was instructed in her grandfather's will that she must live for 6 months in Sweetheart in order to inherit her money after he dies. She's not thrilled, but she does it. She ends up finding love, friendship and a whole lot more when she gets there. Good read! 4 out of 5

Next I read a novella called Surrender Dorothy by R.G. Alexander. A story about Dorothy - a witch who is trying to stay away from her new neighbor who is a wizard. She's never actually met a wizard but she's heard nothing but bad things about them. When she gets transported to Oz things really start moving. Sounds corny but it's actually a very cute little story. 4 out of 5

Mistress of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle was next on the list. This is the first book in the School of Gallantry series. There are supposed to be 5 books and I'm going to assume they cover the stories of the first 5 members of the School. This story revolved around Maybelle who is the granddaughter of a coutesan who is the owner of the school. Maybelle is fiercely independent but her grandmother talks her into staying in London with her for a while. Maybelle is determined to rid herself of her virginity and decides on a particular man. He ends up being a duke. The duke's mother wants to marry him off but there is much scandal revolving around him and he wants a titled unsullied woman to be his bride. Things change for him and Maybelle immensely during the book. I enjoyed the book a lot but found that some parts of it were too unbelievable - even while suspending it (if that makes sense). Ms. Marvelle certainly knows how to write great sex scenes - they were smokin. I will definitley read the next book as I want to know more about the first participants in the school. 3.75 out of 5

And last on my list for the week was Highland Obsession by Dawn Halliday which releases on August 4th and was a book I read for The Book Binge. I'll let you known when the review posts - as usual. :)

Happy Reading!

What I've Been Reading This Week

Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post - I must say I love all of my blogging friends.  They're always there with a kind word and thought when it is needed.  You guys are the best! It's been a heck of a day but we've all gotten through it so far and can only go one day at a time.

Other than that the week was pretty good. The girls got their school pictures back which are adorable (and you know damn well that I'll post them eventually cuz I'm just that kind of mom! lol) and they got their report cards as well. My youngest is doing extremely well in 1st grade and the teacher says she's very motivated to learn - I love to hear that!! My oldest actually had a pretty good report card despite her current problems. The teacher said that she's a great participant in class and asks a lot of questions and that she's seen much improvement in the past month. That is so good to hear - obviously the tutoring is paying off! Yay!

So let's get to the books:

Electra Galaxy's Mr. Interstellar Fellar by Candace Samswas a pretty good book. It had it's issues but it was mostly good (Kind of like in The Princess Bride when Westley was mostly dead). If you want more info you can see my review a couple of posts back.

Then it was on to Scions: Revelation by Patrice Michelle. This is a Harlequin Nocturne that will be released on Dec. 1. My review is scheduled for tomorrow so hop on by and check it out.

Next up was The Duke and I by Julia Quinn. The Bridgerton series was recommended to me over a year ago and I just never got around to reading it - like so many others that I've been told to read. Let me just say I loved this book. I thought Daphne was just wonderful and Simon, oh how my heart ached for him as a man but also for his horridly emotionally abusive childhood. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

After that I read Undead and Unworthy by Mary Janice Davidson. Although the writing was great I have to say I didn't like this book as much as I've liked the others in this series. It just seemed to have a darker element in it that just didn't appeal to me, especially at the end. And the character Nick was just so incredibly annoying I wanted to crawl through the pages and kill him myself. Bastard! Anyway, liked the book, but not as much as the others.

Birthright by Mari Freeman was my next read. This was a great book. I was immediately pulled into the story of Keena and her birthright as a witch and Priestess of the Wild. I thought Mari's descriptions of WildLand as well as the different paranormal characters were fascinating. It was just a great fantasy as well as a wonderful romance - which at one point I cried about. It's not easy to make me cry in a story! lol Very good book - I recommend it. Oh, and Mari received the Gold Star Award from Just Erotic Romance Reviews for this book. Congrats Mari!!

Last up were 2 short stories: The first was Tree of Buried Secrets by Cassie Exline. This was an odd story. It started when the author was 18 but then quickly went to when she was 70 or so. There was a secret that she had kept since she was 18 from her family and the story was the reminiscing about the secret as well as the secret itself. It wasn't a bad story at all, just oddly written IMO.

The second short was Diamond Wolf by Kat Haeske. This is an m/m story about a Lupine and a Vampire becoming mates. Pretty good. My review will be up on The Book Binge sometime this week I think.

That was all for this week folks. Happy Reading to you.