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What I Read Last Week

What Beautiful Monday! 

They said it was supposed to be overcast today but so far it’s a gorgeous day here in Southern California. I did have a bit of a shock this morning on my way to work. After dropping the kids off in beautiful weather I drive down the street a couple of miles and found a wall of fog. Weird. (Not sure if you can see it)

Yesterday the girls and I went to the mall to buy a gift for one of their friends and my youngest found these glasses. I couldn’t believe the amount of “stache” stuff they had on hand! Funny. 

Since I’m sharing pictures I thought I’d add this one in of my oldest and my kitteh, Echo. So cute together. If anyone else in the family tried to do that to the cat she’d run like hell. lol (It's a little grainy, sorry)

So I started off the week with Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs. I just LOVE the Mercy Thompson series so much (thanks again, Renee) and this one was no different. In this story Mercy is almost on her own as she searches for the entire pack after they’re kidnapped. She gets help from unlikely sources and of course kicks some ass. As a bonus in this story we got 2 whole chapters from Adam’s POV! Woohoo! Good stuff! 4.5 out of 5 

Next up was The Baby Bargain by Jennifer Apodaca. This story is about Adam who’s pretty messed up from his childhood and his horrible parents as well as another incident that is undisclosed. He is back in his hometown after being gone for years to sell his parents home with no plans to remain after the sale. That’s before he sees his old love, Megan, and the old feelings start to stir. Pile those feelings on top of the fact that he finds out he has a son and someone is framing Megan and Adam is suddenly feeling things he never thought he would, nor does he want to. This was a good category length story with a definite alpha hero. 3.75 out of 5 

Still Life with Shape-Shifter by Sharon Shinn was not the shapeshifting paranormal story I expected. It was 2 stories in one that eventually intersect for a very short time. I can’t possibly even give you a little without telling you a lot of the story. It’s somber and dark and has to do with loving and losing those you love and how you deal with those people in life and in death. My review will post on Thursday over at Book Binge if you’d like to read more about the story. 4 out of 5

No Turning Back by HelenKay Dimon was a contemporary read about three brothers who claim a house that their grandmother had left them. Their father was a con man and he once stole from the town. Now there are more than a few that want the brothers gone, including Mark Baron. Mark’s daughter, Leah, was raised to hate the Hanovers and it’s her job to get them out of town. She’s nicer than her father though and while she’s trying to move them out she’s falling in love with brother number 2, Declan. This was an angrier book than I expected. The brothers have their issues with the town, the townspeople are divided on their feelings toward the brothers, Mark Baron is a complete ass and treats his daughter like dirt. Yes, there was an HEA for the most part but lots of things were left open when the book ended. It just wasn’t a happy tale to me, at all. 3 out of 5  

Bite Me, Your Grace by Brooklyn Ann is the story of a woman who is caught in a compromising position (kind of) and ends up having to marry the Duke that lives nearby. He’s a vampire though and there are lots of things going on with her not wanting to marry him at first and with him trying to decide what to do with the little wifey in the future when she starts aging and he doesn’t. It was a decent read that was entertaining. 3.5 out of 5  

Last for the week was Steamroller by Mary Calmes. How do I describe this story? Carson is a star player on the college football team – famous really – and he wants Vince. Vince has no idea that Carson knows he exists but when Carson makes his move there’s nothing Vince can say to deter Carson from his chosen path. The love story in this book happened SO very quickly but it was so well done that I was totally rooting for the guys to stay together. Carson was the steamroller and I loved his confidence in himself as well as the confidence he had in Vince. Really good. 4 out of 5

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The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl by Gina Lamm
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What I Read Last Week

Happy Monday!

How are all of you lovelies? I’m here at work taking a quick break to get this post done. I wish I was at home in my pj’s but I can’t have everything, can I? *sigh*

It was a good week this past week. Thank you all for your many birthday wishes. It was a good day and I was remembered by so many (thank you Facebook. lol). I had a good day at work and then hubby and the kids and I went out for a nice dinner. I got some great gifts – gc’s to Amazon, of course the laptop I got from my parents weeks ago, a new Keurig (which is the absolute bomb) and a wonderfully large gc from my hubby for a local day spa. I can’t wait to use that one!

This week will be an interesting one. My oldest is starting high school next year (yikes) and wants to try out for the cheerleading squad. I don’t know about your local high school’s but the ones around here take that shit seriously! The girls have to attend a 4 hour clinic (over 2 days) to learn the assigned tryout material. They then are scored accordingly. If the girls make it they have practice 3 times a week with 1 game during football season and 2 days of practice and 2 game days during basketball season. They also cheer for the baseball and volleyball teams. I’m glad she’s trying out but to say I’m a little concerned with all that practice is an understatement. Not that they don’t need it but with how long it takes her to do her schoolwork…it might be an issue. Well she’ll try out on Friday and they’ll post the new squad by midnight that night so by this time next week we’ll know one way or the other. I’ll keep you posted.

Ok – on to what I read this past week:

First up was Where It Hurts the Most by Anne Brooke. This is the first release in the Riptide Publishing Rentboy Collection and it was a good one. Take a male escort and a man who has shut himself off from everything due to an accident and put them together…what do you get? A really good book. :) You can read my review here. 4 out of 5 
Be sure to join me tomorrow when Anne visits the blog.

Next up was Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas. It took me a while to actually get the book (cuz apparently I’m too distracted) but when I did I really loved it. This is the story of a woman who is dumped by her live-in boyfriend who then shacks up with her sister. Lucy then gets horribly injured and through a series of events gets to convalesce at Sam Nolan’s house. Sam is a commitment-phobe because of his alcoholic parents but he definitely sees something in Lucy that makes him look at her like he’s never looked at another woman. This was so good. I wasn’t too surprised with the magical elements in the book as there was magic involved in book 1 of the series. Kleypas sucked me in from the first word and I couldn’t put the book down. Good stuff. 4.5 out of 5

My next read was a book I got for review called The Virgin’s Revenge by Dee Tenorio. I was a little off on my release dates and this one doesn’t actually come out until July 3. It was a good read about an overprotected woman trying to break out on her own. Her older brother want her to marry the man of HIS choice, which is actually hers too but since Cole’s her good friend she’s never acted on it, and this brings a whole host of problems. Take the fact that she finds out about it all and then wants revenge on both of them for trying to control her. It was a good read and made me want to read more in the series (this is book 4). 3.75 out of 5

Beguiling the Beauty by Sherry Thomas was next. This was SUCH a good book. I really loved so much about it – the writing, the story, the characters. I did have a few niggles with it but despite that have much love for the book overall. I noticed on Goodreads that this one has gotten REALLY mixed reviews. I guess it’s one of those you have to read and decide for yourself. You can read my review here. 4.5 out of 5

False Start by Janey Chapel is the story is about two men who share a clandestine relationship in college for about 8 months before the one who’s so far in the closet he can’t find the door freaks out and things are done. Now ten years later Tucker is back in town and ready to face all kinds of music, especially the one dealing with Whit and how he left him behind. Such a good story. I really liked this one a lot and wished it was longer! 4 out of 5

Hot Hands by Erica Pike is the first short in the College Fun and Gays series. I read The Walls Have Ears so I thought I’d try out the 2 before it. This one was about a guy who keeps getting felt up by….someone. He has no idea who. He finally gets cornered and they share hot moments but Caspar is blindfolded and he still has no idea what the identity of the man he’s dubbed Hot Hands is. The story was really good but got into an area that needed, imho, so much more after the big reveal. It was still really good though. :) 3.75 out of 5

Second in the College Fun and Gays series by Erica Pike is Grade-A-Sex Deal. This is about one of the university teachers who makes a deal with one of his students to exchange sex for an A in the class. The college teacher, Daniel, is trying to deal with his emotional attachment to his student, Troy, as well as his kids’ attitudes towards him since he divorced their mother 2 years earlier. Again, I think this would have been great if it had been longer and had more detail but in the end it was still a fun read. 3 out of 5

Fair Game by Patricia Briggs was up next. This is book 3 in the Alpha and Omega series and has Anna and Charles helping the FBI with a serial killer investigation (because 3 of the victims were werewolves). It was a great mystery but also dealt with the issues that Anna and Charles had been having since the werewolves had gone public and Charles had to step us his duties as his father’s hit man (so to speak). This was such a good book with an incredible ending that I loved. Though I figured out who-dun-it about halfway through the book it was still great to see all the ins and outs of the story. 4.25 out of 5

Reading Fair Game made me want to go back and read about when Anna and Charles first met so I picked up my copy of the On the Prowl anthology and re-read the Alpha and Omega novella by Patricia Briggs. This is such a great novella! With Anna and Charles meeting for the first time and seeing Charles kind of brought to his knees it just worked for me. Definitely one that will be read over and over. 4 out of 5

Next was Spirit by PA Friday. I read Jenre’s review of this one over at Brief Encounter Reviews and she liked it. It’s the story of Grant who starts at an advertising firm with a homophobic boss. Grant is a man who has made a life for himself out of nothing and is willing to work hard. Grant meets Tristan who is the boss’s son and assumes Tristan does nothing and gets accolades but that’s not the case. Grant and Tristan hate each other, for different reasons, but that doesn’t stop the pair from being attracted to each other and eventually acting on that attraction. The story follows the men in their path from hate to…not and what that means for both of them. 4 out of 5

Silk is for Seduction by Loretta Chase was my TBR challenge read for the week. This is the story of 3 sisters who will do anything to get their dress shop off the ground. The oldest who is the designer heads to Paris to cajole a duke into making his intended use their dressmaking services when he finally gets married (which is supposed to be soon). But things go a tad awry in the plan when Marcelline and Clevedon meet and their attraction makes fire look like it’s not all that hot. It was a great story and I loved Chase’s writing. She dragged me into the book and I ended up staying up late to finish it cuz I couldn’t put it down. In fact the more I think of it today the more I like the book. I can’t wait to read about the next sister. 4.5 out of 5

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What Is Your Fantasy/Urban Fantasy Book Recommendation? A Giveaway

The Fantasy and Urban Fantasy genres are not books that I read on a regular basis.  I really have to have a solid recommendation for them before I'll buy and even then sometimes I'll hem and haw for a while before I actually lay down my cold hard cash. I think it's because I love my romances so much.  I want that HEA at the end of the books and it usually doesn't happen with F or UF books, IDK.  I've have read some really great books though and I'm always happy when I find a great series that I love.  

Renee goaded me until I finally bought the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs and man am I glad I did.  She literally had to shove the book at me in the store and say, "buy this!" lol  Thanks, Renee! :)

Amy C had to email me a bajillion times for me to finally perk up and buy the Black Jewel Trilogy by Anne Bishop, which is dark fantasy, and then I thought I'd be smart and buy the omnibus edition.  More fool me.  Seriously.  That thing was so effin big it was completely intimidating and it sat on my shelf for about 6 months before I picked it up and dug in.  Of course then I couldn't put the damned thing down because I was completely and utterly hooked.

The first book in the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews was sent to me as a gift from another friend Amy who thought I'd enjoy the series.  I think book 2 had already been published by that time and she wanted me to not fall too far behind. Magic Slays sat on my shelf for years! (Talk about falling behind in a series.) I tried to pick it up and read it once and I just couldn't get into it.  I almost gave it away twice in the blogger book swaps but something held me back.  Last year when I finally sat down and read the book it was good.  It wasn't great but definitely good enough to keep reading the series.  I then picked up book 2 which I liked a little better.  Book 3, Magic Strikes blew me away.  I loved that book and immediately read books 4 and 5 after which I also loved like chocolate...I just couldn't get enough.

So where is all this leading?  I want you to recommend some Fantasy or Urban Fantasy books to me.  I feel the need to expand my repertoire (yeah, like I don't have enough books to read, right?) and I'd like to know what you think.  I would probably like stories that have more romance in them but that's not required.  So tell me - which books/series do you love and think everyone should read and why do you love it/them so much?

I also have another mystery box of books to give away thanks to Holly at The Book Binge.  This box is filled with Fantasy and Urban Fantasy reads so if those are up your alley leave a comment with your F/UF book rec, along with your email address no later than Friday, January 20th at 7:00pm to enter to win.  Again, I'm sorry, but this has to be limited to the US only.

What I Read Last Week

Oh so many things are going on in Tracyland but you would all be bored to tears to hear it all so I'll give you a a couple of good tidbits.

My youngest had an eye appt. since she was having problems seeing the board at school.  Though the prescription will be weak she will still need glasses. She, being the stylin 8 year old that she is, picked out some adorable glasses.  As soon as we pick them up I will pass pictures along.

Then when I went to visit and have lunch with my parents on Saturday it snowed!  I know for a lot of you this is not exciting but since that's an unusual occurrence I thought I'd share. :)  This is what the road leading to their house looked like from the storm the night before  

and this is what it looked like when we got out of lunch.  It was actually coming down pretty steadily while we were eating lunch and this was just 45 min. worth. By the time I left their house my youngest was having a great time throwing snowballs at her grandpa! 

So what did I read this week:

First I started off with yaoi.  I've had this since Kris was here (yes, back in Nov!) and I was sucking at reading it and getting it to Chris who was next in the swap.  So these became my Tracy's TBR challenge reads for the week as well since I've had them so damned long.  So I first I read I Can't Stop Loving You vol 2 by Row Takakura.  Kyouji is at a mountain retreat doing his monk training when he's accused of murder. Yu comes to see him and gets involved.  It was cute but odd at times. 3 out of 5 

Next was Thunderbolt Boys Excite vols. 1 &2 by Asami Tojo.  These were stories about models and frankly I thought they were a bit ridiculous and it was all I could do to keep reading.  They were drawn well, though. 2 out of 5 for both.

Then I read Incubus vols. 1, 2 & 3 by Yayoi Neko.  This was an interesting story about Lenniel who is half human and half demon who lived with Judas in the demon world but then Judas had to leave and lost all of his memories.  Lenniel has finally found him again but Judas is madly in love with his professor.  Judas also has serious self-esteem issues which he comes by after everyone, including his parents, constantly putting him down.  There's also a second story with a demon who is a butler for a rich family and the young master who he loves and loves him back.  It's quite good at times and others, not so much. :)  Vols.1 & 3: 3.5 out of 5, vol. 2: 4 out of 5

After that it was The Swing by Lissa Matthews - a book I read for The Book Binge.  This was a decent story about a man and a woman who are deeply in love but haven't been together because she was once married to his now dead twin.  Sounds creepy but it was actually a very good short story that was quite emotional.  4 out of 5. My review is here.

River Marked by Patricia Briggs - another Book Binge Book - and so damned good.  I really loved Briggs' writing and all of the wonderful scenarios she comes up with for Mercy and Adam to get involved in.  This followed Mercy and Adam on their honeymoon (no, not a spoiler!) and they have to end up fighting beasts and meeting others that they never expected to meet.  No, I'm not telling any more.  I don't want to spoil things.  Suffice it to say that it's great.  I loved every bit of it and am sad that I'm done reading it. 5 out of 5
So has anyone read any of her other series and if so which did you read and what did you think?

I finally picked up How To Woo A Reluctant Lady by Sabrina Jeffries.  This is book 3 in the Hellions of Halstead Hall series and it was good.  This was Minerva's story and she is still pissed that her grandmother is making her grandchildren get married so she decides to advertise in a ladies magazine for a husband.  Giles Masters, a friend of the family, shows up to try to win her hand but she thinks it's all pretend and he really wants to marry her.  Great romance and of course humor and intrigue as well.  Good stuff. 4 out of 5

Last on the list for the week was All or Nothing by James Buchanan. This was book 3 in the Taking the Odds series and it was a good one. Buchanan writes so well that I get drawn into the story and next thing you know it's over!  How the heck did that happen? lol  Brandon is visiting Nick in Vegas the week between Christmas and New Year and he's brought his daughter, Shayna, along.  She's not thrilled to be at Nick's, nor with Brandon and she's got the attitude to prove it.  When Shayna is taken life goes on the emotional roller coaster from hell.  Such a great story and I certainly hope there are more books about Nicky and Brandon in the future.  5 out of 5

My Book Binge review that posted since last week:
The Swing by Lissa Matthews

Happy Reading

What I Read Last Week

Hello All!

I had a really good week last week - I hope you all did too.  I got my old/new glasses...YAY!  My kids came home from their extra portion of the vacation... DOUBLE YAY!  It was just a nice week all around.

It was a nice reading week too so I'll get to that now! :)

First up was Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs.  This is book 5 in the Mercy Thompson series and it was another great one.  This story mostly centered around the Fae and one Faery Queen trying to take control of everything, but it also had wonderful moments of Adam and Mercy and the struggles they have with their relationship.  Adam's pack and the issues with Mercy being one of the pack and with Samuel and his desire to end his life.  It was just a great read.  4.5 out of 5

Next up was a very short (23 pages) erotic m/m story by Gavin Atlas called La Playita.  This was the story of a college student on vacation in Costa Rica.  He meets up with a couple of local men who want to play out his sexual fantasies with him.  It was one on 3 and it was pretty darned hot.  The issue I had?  No condoms, no lube while having sex on the beach.  Ouch and OMG! lol 3.5 out of 5

Next up was Corralled by Lorelei James.  This is book #1 in her new Blacktop Cowboys series.  It was another great cowboy story.  I read this one for The Book Binge so keep your eyes peeled for my review. :)  4 out of 5

Twice Tempted by a Rogue by Tessa Dare was my next read.  Book 2 in the Stud Club series.  I really liked Rhys St. Maur - the poor man is so emotionally broken but such a winner in my book.  I very much liked the heroine, Meredith, too - a fighter who would do what she needed to do to take care of her family and her town.  Rhys came back to his hometown after 14 years and he doesn't get a great reception.  He decides to stay - probably for all the wrong reasons and tries to talk Meredith into marrying him.  As much as she's dreamed about that very thing her whole life she can't do it as it's not the best thing for the town.  I really love Tessa's writing - she has this great way of putting things that speaks to me.  But in this instance as much as I liked the story the characters relationship didn't click with me - I just couldn't feel their connection. 3.5 out of 5

My next read was Seeking Kokopelli by Shelley Munro.  This was the story of musician Adam and his crewman/roadie Nate.  Nate's wife died a year before but he's now having lusty thoughts about Adam.  Nate is hesitant to start a relationship with Adam but eventually gives in.  On top of this is the fact that Adam used to be "THE" Kokopelli, bestowing blessings on his village's crops and the women for fertility.  But his father had kicked him out and ripped his powers away for being gay.  His brother now has the power but he's losing it and it's returning to Adam.  But Adam's brother can't deal with that and tries to kill him.  It was a good story but after a bit Nate's objections, etc. just started getting old. I have to say I didn't care for the whole brother out to kill hero thing either.  3 out of 5

My Tracy's TBR Challenge Read as well as my FTSP read for the week was Fire Me Up by Katie MacAlister.  This is book 2 in her Guardian series.  In the first book I found Aisling, the main character, to be a bumbler but it was still pretty cute.  This one I found her to be less of a bumbler which was good.  She is accused of murder, yet again, but allowed to try and clear herself.  On top of that she's having issues with Drake who is her Wyvern mate.  He wants her and all of her attention and unfortunately doesn't go about it a way that Aisling can handle.  I have to say that I did feel for Aisling as she felt betrayed by Drake but lust can cloud your mind. lol  I'll be reading more from this series this week.  3.5 out of 5

My next read was InDescent by KZ Snow.  This is actually the fourth book in the Jackson Spey-Adin Swift story arc but only the second one that I've read. The story is about a man who holds a grudge against Jackson.  He's gotten a powerful prism that he plans to trap Jackson in, but in truth Jackson has been chosen so that he may repair the rift between worlds (That was so readers digest version it's ridiculous). There is so much going on in this book I can't possibly tell all but it was just an excellent read.  The writing, the relationship arc, the magic descriptions - I just loved everything about this book. 5 out of 5

I of course couldn't finish reading InDescent and not immediately pick up To Be Where You Are which is the next book in KZ Snow’s series. This book was about one of Jackson’s friends whose partner is missing. Noah wants Jackson’s help but Jackson doesn’t want to get involved. In the meantime Adin is waiting for Celia to go talk to Jackson as Adin and Jackson’s relationship has grown and they just want to be together all the time rather than the once every couple of months they have now. Adin feel obligated to Celia and feels that she must “let him go” rather than just break things off. The problem is that Jackson’s friend Noah has the magic to take over someone’s will and in order to get Jackson to help him find his partner Noah takes over Celia’s will and makes her a girlfriend who’s more than a bit on the reluctant side in letting Adin go. Jackson must face down a voodoo sorcerer in order to get the partner back. Another great read! 4 out of 5

After that I decided that I really needed to catch up on my yaoi manga reading since I did eventually have to send these books off to the whoever the next person was who was waiting for them. I took a couple of hours and hit the books. I didn’t catch up completely because I got a lot at one time but I made a dent in them! Woohoo.
First up was You Will Fall in Love and You Will Drown in Love (which is the next volume in the series) by Hinako Takanaga. In You Will Fall in Love we meet Haru who is a long term sub at a school. He runs into Tsukasa who attends the school and has been in love with Haru for years. But Haru was an archer who thought he was in love with Tsukasa’s older brother. Tsukasa moves in to make him believe that he’s in love with Tsukasa, not his brother. It was a pretty darned cute story although very high school. I liked the graphics. 3.75 out of 5
You Will Drown in Love is the story of Tsukasa’s brother, Reiichiro, that takes place at the same time as the first book. Reiichiro starts as manager of one of his father’s fabric stores. He’s a horribly blunt person and has no clue how to work with customers. His asst. manager, Jinnai, is a bit disgruntled with the fact that he has to call a younger man and less experienced sales person his boss. But they become friends and eventually fall in love. Again, good graphics and though I didn’t like Reiichiro all that well I really liked Jinnai quite a bit. 3.5 out of 5
Next was Madness (volumes 1 & 2) by Kairi Shimotsuki. This story takes place in the year 3000 and tells the story of a band of killers that are being hunted. The main guy had fallen in love while in captivity with a priest and when he breaks out decides to take the priest with him. Good graphics yet a bit to indistinct for my tastes. I liked the story line though. 3.75 for volume 1 and 3.5 out of 5 for volume 2.
Next was Age Called Blue by Est Em. This was an odd story of two guys who are trying to get a band together but one of them is a thief and steals the others guitars for money. He takes off for days and then shows ups drunk. He ends up in prison for stealing a car and hitting someone. It also has a couple of other stories in it. They’re all kind of bizarre and I wasn’t too big of a fan of the graphics.3 out of 5
Next was Hate To Love You by Makoto Tateno. This told the story of two men whose families had been rivals for generations but fell in love. It was a strange tale of a definite love/hate relationship. 3 out of 5
Last was Tea For Two by Yaya Sakuragi. The story of a boy whose sister decides to put him into the Tea Ceremony Club because he’s such a klutz and she wants him to have a little refinement. Tokumaru and Hasune find that they have more in common then they originally thought. I liked the graphics on this one and it was a cute story. 3.5 out of 5 

And last for the week was Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl. This was an interesting story. Chloe and her friend Jenn head off to a secluded island in Virginia to get away from life. You see Chloe’s fiancĂ© crashed a plane and faked his own death. When he reappeared he blamed Chloe for being a Bridezilla. She’s then plagued by paparazzi and takes off for some peace and quiet. They meet brothers Max and Elliot at the resort and Chloe and Max hit it off but Max has issues and once he finds out that Chloe isn't the “normal” girl he hopes for, turmoil ensues. I’ll be reviewing this one soon but it was a different type of love story – one I liked. 4.25 out of 5

My Book Binge reviews that posted this past week:

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What I Read Last Week

Holy schmigoly my life is crazy! lol But it's all good and I can't complain about a thing! How are you all?

My oldest sister, who lives in Alabama, was in San Diego (about a 3 hour drive from here) for work these past few days but was inundated with work. The girls and I were going to go down to see her on Saturday but alas she had to work. Lucky for us she didn't work yesterday and drove up. She picked her daughter up in Pasadena and they came up for lunch. Then they went to my house and we all got to spend the evening together along with my mom and dad. It was a lot of fun and just wonderful to spend time with her and my parents since she flew home today and won't be able to be here for Thanksgiving.

I haven't had time to think much less post so this is really behind. Of course I've not had time to read this week but hopefully that will change since I have a 4 day weekend - woohoo.

My first read was my Tracy's TBR Challenge Read. I was in the mood for a contemporary so I chose Suzanne Brockmann's Hot Pursuit. You can read my review here.

Next up was I Spy Something Wicked by Josh Lanyon. This was a short story follow up to his wonderful book I Spy Something Bloody. The story take place 4 months after the first and follows Mark trying to make a decision about doing one last job for his previous employer. It's well worth the read - especially if you've read ISSB. I just love Josh's work! 4.25 out of 5

Next was the short story Holiday Affair by Yvette Hines. It was the story about a woman who is getting secret gifts from a co-worker and though the person who is giving them hasn't asked her out she's determined to start something with him. Knowing he will be at his cabin by himself during the holidays she plans to have her friends drop her off and abandon her at the cabin, with no clothes, for the week. When she gets there though she discovers that another man, one she has secretly lusted after, is there instead. What follows is the story of the two of them spending the week together. There was lots of sex involved but I just never could get into the characters. I definitely liked the hero of the story better but I didn't know him that well. 2.5 out of 5

My next book was The Spanish Groom by Lynne Graham. Tumperkin had a huge hand in my reading this book. I will be reviewing it for my Year of the Category Challenge so I will post the review later in this week (or Monday depending on how my time goes).

After that I started Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs and just couldn't put it down. It was such a great book and one that I just loved. It was sad, heart wrenching and horrifying but just so damned good. 5 out of 5

I couldn't very well finish Iron Kissed and not immediately move on to Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs - thank heavens I had ordered it from the library! Although I loved this book as much as Iron Kissed I had a few issues with it. I think it was more the timing of when things took place - so close on the heels of the previous book. I would have liked it to at least have been a coulple of months down the road - but understand, with some issues with Adam, that it had to be done quickly. 5 out of 5

Last for the week was When Seducing a Duke by Kathryn Smith. This is the first in a new victorian series that she's doing and it was my first read by this author. I read this one for The Book Binge and my review has been posted. You can go here if you'd like to read it.

Happy Reading!