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You too can be on the DIK and other misc. stuff


Listen up ladies...The DIK blog is opening itself up for new members! That's right, you too can join in the fun and frolicking that is the DIK blog. You can go here to find out what you need to do to be stranded on that island with some of the nicest ladies in bloglandia, the books, the men and the drinks. Believe me - it's damn fun.

Also - if you're an author who would like to join us for a 3 day stint of guest blogging please email me at redneyrae AT ca DOT rr DOT com and we can get that set up!


Yesterday I handed out a blog award that was given to me by Nath and Randi. Thank you ladies. But then later that day I discovered that Lori had given me one as well. Thank you so much Lori!

I have several awards to give out that were given to me, well, a while ago (ok, right after the earth cooled) and I have yet to pay them forward. I will work on that in the next several weeks. :)


Weekly Weigh In

I didn't weigh myself last week (the 8th) as Aunt Flow was visiting and personally I think no woman should weigh herself at that time of the month. Seriously - just wrong if they do. Who needs the depression? lol

But I did weigh myself this past Monday and I went down 2 ounces! lol Hey! Every ounce counts. I kind of feel like the tortoise from the tortoise and the hare. I'll get there eventually it will just take me a while. It probably would have been more but that pizza was calling to me on Sunday night. I know, no willpower.


My guest review for Cowboys Dream Too by Morgan Q. O'Reilly is up at The Book Binge. You can go here to read it.

Even a cowboy can dream of a Celtic goddess...But is it just a dream?

From the first time he dreamed of his perfect woman, Gray Dunbar was no longer satisfied by his pre-ordained future on the family dude ranch. She's leading him on, away from Colorado and around the world, until he can't stay away from home any longer.

Reed O'Brien needs a vacation. Her boss's company is falling apart. When a proposed trip to a dude ranch retreat comes along, she jumps at the chance. A stop in Vegas gets the ball rolling -- especially when she meets the one man her boss would love to put out of business.

Is this destined to be war...or love?

Weekly Weigh In

Ok - well I actually lost this week! I'm going back in the right direction and hope to actually continue down that road! lol

I weighed myself yesterday and I lost 6 ounces. Ok, nothing to jump up and down about (too much) but as I said...I'm heading the right direction and to me that's a huge plus. :)

Weekly Weigh In - Oops

Oops - I forgot to post this on Monday! Oh well...I gain some ounces so it was probably a mental block! lol

So I didn't watch myself too closely last week and with my trip to Holly's and the wonderful Mexican fool I'm surprised I didn't gain more. But, it's all good.

I didn't start exercising as I said I would. Bummer. My husband did buy Rock Band and I've been going to town on the drums which is damned hard work...but it's really only exercise for my arms. My arms need to exercise so it's all good! :)

So in the end I gained 8 ounces. Such is life. :)

Weekly Weigh In

So here it is folks my first weigh in after I re-started my healthy eating plan (I refuse to call it a diet! lol).

I'm pretty much attributing the majority of the loss to water weight but hell...who am I to complain? lol I didn't feel I did too well this week in general and even ate my rice crust pizza on Friday night. I didn't exercise at all this past week unless you count running around with the kids and 1,000 loads of laundry exercise! My goal for this week is to break out my Yourself! Fitness (this is just the wiki link - the actual site is down right now) cd and get to work on that :)

Happy Monday!